On Ocean's Eleven: Ladies Night

Definitely have to get someone from Pretty Little Liars in that poker class scene. Probably Shay Mitchell.

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On First They Came for the Baggy Pants

Being from New England, there are three ways that I know that it's finally spring. 1) Allergies. 2) The reemergence of seersucker, madras, and gingham. 3) A craving for gin and gin-related products.

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On Texts From Jane Eyre

@Yahtzii Even his horse thought he was too sexy. http://www.dlisted.com/node/41067

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On I Love You, A...shley. Line?

I think we've all forgotten to mention the most important part...Clark Gable in that turtleneck/leather jacket combo.

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On Commence Operation Clear England of Spiders and Snakes for Ryan Lochte (CESSRL)

So I assume that we've all seen the latest cover of Vogue. Right?


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On Lana Del Rey, Little [Silver] Riding [Vampire]?! Perfect.

I kinda wish SWINTON had been there, as Haider Ackermann's date no less. Especially after how she rocked his design at the Golden Globes.

Here's a refresher: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/actress-tilda-swinton-arrives-at-the-69th-annual-golden-news-photo/137127147

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On Lana Del Rey, Little [Silver] Riding [Vampire]?! Perfect.

@Megano! Linda Fargo is a top fashion exec at Bergdorf Goodman and is basically awesome at everything.

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On And He Has an Old Dog, Too

@area@twitter 11/22/63! It's his most recent book, and it's alternative history as opposed to horror. It was so good that I read the last 675 pages in 24 hours.

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On Modern Flour Advertisements Not Even Close to What They Used to Be

@Gnatalby And now I must find my DVD of this, watch it, and daydream about Gilbert. Oh well, I guess I don't really need to be productive today. It is raining out.

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On Belle's Inner Monologue

@Lindsay Gordon@twitter

I am also a fan of "weave or not a weave".

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