The Story of My Ex and His Cheeseburger

I called him when I got out of the subway at Union Square, like I said I'd do. He picked up and told me he was at the McDonald's on Sixth Avenue. We were not McDonald's people; on all of our road trips, no matter how isolated or hungry we were, we never stopped at McDonald's. Taco Bell, maybe, but not McDonald's, for all of the reasons not-McDonald's people avoid McDonald's. READ MORE

How to Make a Midsummer's Day Floral Wreath

Want to celebrate the biggest Swedish holiday in ladylike style? No, not Kristi himmelsfärdsdag, silly. Midsummer! According to the solar system, summer begins on June 21, but according to Sweden, it’s June 24-25, cleverly placed on a weekend so everyone can stay out late dancing around maypoles and eating gravlax. Swedish women traditionally make floral wreaths to wear in their hair for Midsummer’s Day, and if you want to celebrate your inner woodland nymph, you’ll do the same. Swedish-American artist Annika Connor, who grew up making floral wreaths every year for Midsummer and is therefore a wreath expert, shows us how. READ MORE

How to Stop Checking Yourself Out

You’ve used the blade of a steak knife as a mirror, right? You might have also used store windows, the door of the office microwave, or an iPad. Perhaps — just perhaps! — you’ve even hair-checked your shadow in the midst of a three-day hiking trip in the Adirondacks. READ MORE

Anti-Aging Cream: The Half-Face Experiment

Do anti-aging face creams work? Between the moisturizing that any old cream will give you, and plain old wishful thinking, it’s impossible to tell. Unless! Unless, in the name of Science, you are willing to apply anti-aging cream to one-half of your face for a month. Methodology as follows: READ MORE