On Sex and the Dystopia

I think women are shamed for liking romantic comedy. Chick flicks are denigrated as less than. Sex and the City is darker than most romantic comedy, but that's what it is, with the women front and center. Womens' likes and desires are deemed trivial. Wanting a satisfying relationship while maintaining independence is a complicated subject: it's addressed by men in a lot of different art forms, comedy included ("Wedding Crashers"). But when women do it, men hate it so women hate themselves for liking it. "Sex and the City" is HBO's most profitable show. Period. It syndicated successfully -- none of their other shows have. The movies made money, even the second one. The need to place it in a political context demeans it as entertainment. Using the last season or the movies to bash it is ridiculous... lots of people grumbled with The Sopranos last episode, but since David Chase is a straight white man he's a fucking genius so WE must be wrong. I love Sex and the City and I don't need to explain why. I like romance and fantasy and hair styles and sex jokes. I like Sex and the City way more than Girls because it's fun. But that's me.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: In Like Errol Flynn

I grew up watching old movies when there were only 5 channels, I read every biography of every old movie star ever, and I wish I could take Anne Helen Peterson's class and just hang out and talk old movies all day long. Articles like this are why Al Gore made the internet.

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On Scientology and Me: Part One, Growing Up in the Church

@KLPA And some people just don't like it.

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On Christmasflix of Classic Hollywood: Holiday Inn

I grew up in oldey days when there were only 7 channels. I was addicted to TV nonetheless, and watched so many old films, (and read every book about the stars, and the period, etc), that it's like my childhood was a film school. So... so... I love this article and I love Holiday Inn. My holidays were defined by which movies were on. Christmas was, "The Bishop's Wife," "The Horn Blows At Midnight" (I watched this EVERY NEW YEAR'S EVE till puberty), "The Shop Around The Corner," "Meet Me In St. Louis." Easter "Easter Parade" and "Hans Christian Anderson." 4th of July, "1776" and "The Time of Their Lives" this Abbot and Costello movie where Lou Costello is a ghost from the 18th century. Anyway, Anne Helen Peterson... I love your blog.

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On The 1950s Glamour Tutorial

but i'm blond! with puny eyebrows and close set eyes! if i line my eyes and darken my brows i look cross eyed!

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