Hot Paleo People

Before cheese, ketchup, and steamed vegetables, there were the Paleo People. READ MORE

The Kitchen Of Tomorrow

Picture being able to interact with your refrigerator, microwave oven, and even the garbage can. This is a glimpse into the future—the Kitchen of Tomorrow! Artificial intelligence will give your appliances the power of voice activation and facial recognition, making them more useful than ever before. READ MORE

What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

This is my body. I work very hard for it. I sleep every night, eat regularly, lift weights and my 43-pound child, walk a lot, jog when I can, and shower daily. This is my body. What's your excuse for not having my body? READ MORE

Five Allegories for Apathy

“Everything had been taken by the movers, save for one computer power cable, lying in the middle of the empty office, no power outlet or computer case nearby. The words Mac #1 were written on the cable in black marker, and had been boldly legible at one time, but were now faded and smudged to near invisible. A mover lifted the limp cord up to his partner and shrugged, then tossed it in an empty garbage can.” READ MORE

What Is White Wine Good For?

You've seen the surfeit of reports that tell you red wine is THE BEST EVER for you, right? READ MORE