Eating Good Cheap Food

When I quit my job to start traveling in 2008, I barely thought about food. My pre-trip mealtime preparation consisted of reading a book called How to Shit Around the World, and that was about it. Back then, travel for me was all about crazy transportation misadventures, fun hikes, and the other travelers I'd meet. But after tasting a meat dish on a Trans-Mongolian train into China, all the bland boiled mutton I'd been eating went out the window, not literally. Food in China was nothing like the stuff I'd had at home in Canada or New York — as I came to learn, every province had its own tastes, techniques, and ingredients. Late to the game, perhaps, but I was bowled over, and eating subsequently became the main reason I travel. And I don't mean at fancy restaurants — I mean the tiny plastic tables and chairs at the side of the road. I’ve found, too, that talking about food can bridge cultures, allowing me to slide sideways into kitchens and bakeries, butcher shops and market stalls. READ MORE