On Save the Date, San Francisco: October 22

@simone eastbro Err...sorry. Wasn't aware of this as a thing that was happening. I'm sure it'll be really fun, bros and copyright infringement be damned!

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On Save the Date, San Francisco: October 22

@scully Nope, Doc's Clock is still there, up the street a bit. This did used to be Bissap Baobob, which...closed I guess. Li'l Baobob is still around, though.

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On Save the Date, San Francisco: October 22

Ughhh no this bar is horrible. It's around the corner from my apartment...it's going to be all f*cks from the Marina and TV's playing pro sports!

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On Previous Commitments, Demonic Faces, and Men With Little to Offer

@melis Without getting way off-topic from this thread and whining about the good old days...THIS. What happened, Hairpin? You used to be funny and unique and now it's just "make-up tutorials for tom-boys," advice columns and the like.

Mostly I want to know is will the Kill/Fuck/Marry feature ever return? Pretty please? That's the Hairpin I fell in love with

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

Okay, but does anyone who is mid-twenties-ish (who was a kid when there were only the 4-5 original dolls) remember the suuuuper creepy MyTwinn catalog? I think being on the AG catalog mailing list got you subscribed to this thing. Apparently it still exists and yep, it's still super creepy.


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On Cheating, Pregnancy Terror, and the Pot Belly


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On Wait, Mineral Powder Isn't Bullsh*t?

1) st ives apricot scrub is way too harsh for most faces. I mean it's basically liquid sandpaper yall. Any super-drying product like that will make your face produce a lot of oil as a reaction, so, prob not what you want if you have oily skin to start. The key to oily skin is not to over-dry it so it can mostly self-regulate.
2) I use Laura mercier mineral powder (does no one else use this?) It's amazing and makes me look like ME, but airbrushed. I think it also makes my skin better inadvertently bc it makes me touch my face a lot less. Twofer!
3) I have slightly oily sensitive skin and I recently ditches my routine and started using a bar of dove soap and aveeno lotion. I feel like I've seen through all the bulls**t skincare industry. Somebody try it out and tell me if I'm nuts!

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On What are Women's Magazines Like in Bed?

This is reminiscent of the Slate article from 2009 about restaurant concepts based on magazines, hilariously titled "51 gravies to please your man." (Cosmo, obv.)

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On You Are Not Alone: Make-up and the Morning After

Might be an indication that your foundation is not the right shade?

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On The Best Time Someone ... Surprised Me on a Subway Platform

In my experience, scenarios that begin with someone asking if you like books almost always ends with that person trying to convert your ancestors to The Book of Mormon

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