On Friday Open Thread

My old (and so far irreplaceable, sigh) FWB arrived into town yesterday for the weekend and so did my period and nightmare cramps. Sadface!

I also found out that I have the opportunity to work in a different country for six months starting soon, but it will mean I won't be able to get my IUD in time. I have been a crampy, weepy mess since I got off the pills and now I'm not sure what to do because the brand that worked for me (non-US) has been completely recalled. Why, uterus, why?!

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On Friday Open Thread

I went on a first date two weeks ago and Dude spent the entire two hours on a negging offensive. I was pretty direct when I told him I'm not interested the next day, yet I've just received his 5th message since telling me that he doesn't understand why I reacted badly to his "jokes" and am I going to let petty things get in our way. Thanks, but I've dated enough Dudes to know it only goes downhill from here. Whatever happened to men simply saying "Hey I like you, you're nice"? Jesus.

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On Friday Open Thread

@martinipie I am terribly uncreative.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Kikimora One time, my doctor made me come in after a few blood tests just to tell me I need to drink more water. I hope your results are good.

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On Friday Open Thread

I deleted the Facebook app off my phone yesterday as a first step to climbing out of the hole of insecurity and jealousy that I have fallen into since I reactivated my account. Just because I don't share it on Facebook doesn't mean I'm not having fun!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Verity If they're not banned drugs then you will need to keep the medication in its original packaging and make sure you have your prescription with the medication. I doubt there will be security checks beyond the standard baggage scanners. Also, birth control is otc in Dubai.

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On Friday Open Thread

Merci a tous!

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On Friday Open Thread

Any French speakers around tonight? I'm looking for French blogs and websites to read to improve my French, but Google isn't being helpful. Recommendations appreciated!

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On What Does Your Writing Implement Say About You?

A red lipstick. Everybody is either my lover or enemy/potential victim.

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On Friday Open Thread

@supercat I'm sorry that happened to you, supercat.

Here's the thing, though. Emotions don't always make sense because they often aren't related to the actual situation you're going through. The party may have triggered your anxiety, but it didn't cause it, and trying to connect the two will only make you feel frustrated and helpless.

If you're not in therapy already, I strongly suggest you look into it. A professional will dig deeper with you to find out where your anxiety is coming from and help you manage it. Personally, I find it useful to separate myself into two people, Rational Me and Emotional Me. While Emotional Me doesn't make sense a lot of the time, I have learned (still learning!) to change the voice of Rational Me from "What is wrong with you, you dumbass, why are you reacting this way over nothing?" to "Hey now, it's okay. These feelings are terrifying, but that's all they are - feelings. They can't hurt you".

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