On Scientology and Me, Part Two: What Scientologists Actually Believe

@anderin, This is a minor point, but I think worth noting. Although there are undeniable problems with the Mormon church's relationship with women, lack of the Y chromosome does not prevent you from eventually owning a planet of your own. The idea of "owning planets", as far as I understand it, isn't really literal; it comes from the belief that people can eventually become gods themselves. Mormons believe that you can't become a full-fledged god alone: you have to be married (or, as we say, sealed) forever. Therefore, it's sort of true that women can't "own worlds" without men, but it's equally true that men can't "own worlds" without women. Equal-oportunity(ish), until you remember that some men have multiple eternal wives...but we're working on that. And if I die or something and my husband marries another wife, I'll just do without a world, thank you very much.

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