On What Were the Names of Your High School Tribes?

@annecara I went to an arts high school too, and we had the same thing. I was in music, though, and we were the biggest by sheer numbers cause band and orchestra were combined. Theater kids were always the loudest, vocal had the most drama, and the really small departments were super insular and rarely talked to outsiders.

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On "Don’t worry, it’s no 'Sex and the City,' they say. As if that were a good thing."

@juniper I just started watching Coupling! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. So far, I'm having trouble seeing what makes any of the dudes except Jeff interesting enough to warrant the ladies hanging out with/banging them, but I'm sticking with it for now cause the ladies are cool and it's occasionally gut-bustingly funny.

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On "Don’t worry, it’s no 'Sex and the City,' they say. As if that were a good thing."

@Takoroft Damn I love Girlfriends. And that show that came on after it, Half & Half. Man I miss early 2000s UPN.

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On "Don’t worry, it’s no 'Sex and the City,' they say. As if that were a good thing."

@puncturedbicycle You make an interesting point. A difference, I think, is that James Bond movies aren't held up as examples of lived male experience. I don't care for SaTC, mostly because I don't find it funny, but what really bugs me is the way it's thought to convey the female experience. I don't know if the writers thought about it this way, and I'm sure it is relatable for some people. When everyone starting talking about which character they "were" and suddenly acting like we should all give a damn about some $700 shoes I started to find it annoying.

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On Friday Open Thread

@'riel Oooh pinups! I missed the last one due to the sickness from hell so I've been hoping for another one.

I was supposed to go to one of those with a friend a few months ago but was under the impression that it was Fancy, and I am decidedly not-Fancy. I'd be down if I can wear flat shoes and find a Thursday where I don't open at work the next morning though!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Homestar Runner I think you're fine. What you said actually sounds like a good response! And, your job in life is to go around living your life like a BAMF, not educate miscellaneous dudes about how to respect your right to do the former.

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On Friday Open Thread

@AW@twitter I second the SF recommendation. I'm also Canadian and moved here (San Francisco) via Raleigh/Durham. Durham definitely has some cool stuff going on, and definite character, but it's not a city in the sense we usually mean when we think of city life. If the hustle and bustle feeling is important to you, I'd think about heading elsewhere.

I also have lots of family in Tucson and honestly, when I've been there to visit them it's always...um, left much to be desired, culturally. Unless you really like malls? They do have yummy Mexican food though.

Apologies to anyone from these places—this is just based on my own experience. I'm sure they can be great too!

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On Friday Open Thread

@yeah-elle Bras are important! Where did you get them?

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On Friday Open Thread

Ladies who sew, I have a question for you! What would you all recommend for someone just starting out? Any thoughts/suggestions on supplies (eg where to get a sewing machine for cheap), first projects, or anything else would be mucho appreciated!

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On A Very American Open Thread

@Faintly Macabre My dog has been like this too! What is up with them? We gave ours a bath,wrapped him in a towel like a burrito, and put him down for a few minutes. Came back and he was sleeping, burrito fully intact.

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