On The Almost Girl: An Interview with Chelsea Hodson

This reminds me of Kate Bingaman-Burt, who illustrated her credit card statements as a motivation to pay off her debt ("Credit Card Drawings") and also documented everything she bought for two years ("Obsessive Consumption")

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On Carols, Revisited

Ugh, Harold.

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On First Date Mad Libs


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On Tilda Club

Also well worth a read, Amy Schumer's love letter to Tilda: http://www.vulture.com/2014/12/read-amy-schumers-ode-to-tilda-swinton.html

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On Some Things I Cannot Unhear

beautiful beautiful beautiful

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On Writers Writing About Writers (and Musicians, and Artists, and and)

Yessss more Hairpin Book Recs, always and forever!

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On How Many Types of Millennials Are There?


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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread / A Picture of Boobs

Ugh, yes, the conversation with that guy was like a real-life reenactment of a troll-y comments section.
But other than THAT nonsense, such a fun night!! :D

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On Stronger Together, Boring Alone: An Interview With Eva Michon

Great interview, I'd love to see her film. Currently re-listening to "You're a Woman" and it's bringing back ALL the memories.

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On Cat-Calling, Around the World

Yes, the can't-get-away-from-it leering! I got leered at on my bike yesterday while stopped at a red light, and he didn't look away from my chest even after I yelled, "The fuck are you looking at?"
Horrible. Stories like these will never not be horrible. And it sucks when continuing to tell them doesn't seem like it's doing any good.

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