On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

@iceberg I am a licensed plumber/electrician's apprentice and I thought it was hilarious. Just because it's not my experience doesn't mean I can't relate at least to aspects of it, or find the humour in the situation. "You do you" is exactly right.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

@Lucy B. My partner (an English PhD student) has said to me that HJ was one of the first authors to open his eyes to the problems of women in literature, in that (in partner's words) "All of his male characters have human problems, but all of his female characters have women problems."

I've never read any HJ so now I'm torn.

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On Solution: Deal With It

well shit, I could have told you that.

In all seriousness: is this result altered once the partners are married or otherwise lifelong-committed? That, I would be curious to know.

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On Two Addendums to Miley at the VMAs

Hadley Freeman wrote a great op-ed about it in the Guardian as well: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/aug/27/miley-cyrus-twerking-cultural-appropriation

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jenn@twitter that is unspeakably gross, although I suppose if I'd thought about it I would have thought that clean ones held less of an attraction, so maybe it's not as bad as it could be? And now that I've typed that I need to add sorry, I am also unspeakably gross.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jenn@twitter THE UNDERWEAR THIEF what I must have missed something

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On Friday Open Thread

@victorian rose Girl, I am glad to hear it. Good for you and for sticking to your guns. <3

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On Siri, Direct Me to Joaquin Phoenix's Heart

People have made wicked good points and I agree with most of them but mostly I look at Phoenix in that moustache and all I can see is Kevin Kline standing in front of a steamroller and shouting.

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On Friday Open Thread

@dabbyfanny actually this is exactly what I need to hear right now so THANK YOU. Partner is flipping out because he has a PhD due in two months (!) and so some hurtful things were said b/c his brainpower is not really up to covering all areas of life right now. So he is kind of a pod person version of himself right now, I just needed to make a stand and make some space and have some control, you know? Anyway thanks. We have until April which is when my papers expire! So it better get sorted by then.

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On Friday Open Thread

@victorian rose please allow me to recommend the very funny I Don't Care About Your Band, by the extremely funny Julie Klausner. best dating memoir ever and purveyor of some hard truths.

in a nutshell: We are Type A women raised to fix problems, but you can't fix a relationship if the other person would rather it stayed f'ed up. Sometimes you just gotta let that shit goooooo and walk away with your sunglasses on while things explode in the background.

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