On Scientology and Me: Part One, Growing Up in the Church

@KLPA You are weirded out because you don't know anything about Scientology. Most organizations have a culture that is different from yours. In order to get by, you have to learn what the manners and policies are in that group. If you start acting crazy in Scientology, like at antagonism or below that, you will be treated accordingly. They don't usually tolerate that crap.

If you act sanely, above those critical emotional levels, you are treated with gold. Of course, they try to figure out why you're upset, but it's pretty known worldwide, there's no reason to argue with an angry person. Critics are angry, antagonistic. They tend to lie and exaggerate for effect or manipulation. Can you really trust an angry person?

You only believe you know about Scientology because of what you have heard from others. Getting creeped out is kind of creepy in itself. What makes you so fearful? Are you really at that low level of confront with other people? That's scary. I suggest you raise your ability to face the unknown to expand your world view. You might enjoy life more than you do. I'd get curious or interested to find out what they're about. So what if someone comes up to you while you're looking at videos over there. Scientologist love to communicate. They are in your face. It can be hard to experience, but if you are the winning type of personality, you won't feel uncomfortable.

I'd say that people who are attracted to Scientology are those who are courageous, able to confront people/life, not deterred easily, not needing to be liked by others, not needing to be comfortable, not easily cowed, have a strong desire to win, love children, think something is weird about psychiatry and more...Once people are out and talking smack, they've got an agenda.

There are all kinds of folks from other religions using Scientology technology. You apply it, not believe IN it. What I like most is how kids are treated with regard and respect. Their childhood difficulties have a solution, not just what many parents do nowadays, like roll-up their eyes and walk away when a child is upset or decide to give their "difficult" to control child psychiatric drugs and psychiatric counseling. That's not going to happen in a Scientology family.

I like that you can get rid of the reactive mind, get it, REACTIVE, which is the cause of mankind's evil tendencies. There is too much to explain here. It's a treasure trove of knowledge that helps anyone who cares to learn it and apply it. The services for processing are an added benefit if you wish to undertake it and they are worth more than their actual donation rates for what happens--basically, you get to help yourself BIG TIME. I love that people criticize Scientology because it is not for everyone.

REPEAT: Scientology is not for every one. It's to make the able more able. Really, it's not for everyone, so not all who get involved will do well. Some are too weak and have to be liked, made comfortable, some don't have enough self confidence, don't accept personal responsibility or are easily dissuaded by others. It's only for the folks who need the help and know they can get it from Scientology because they are WILLING to do the work, not be lazy, and learn to study properly to eventually learn.

Criticism of something powerful is common and it helps to weed out the weak participants who would only bog down or stop the progression of improvement in practitioner's lives. Say, for instance, if I have a friend who is really negative about Scientology and really wants to make me feel bad for being involved, for improving myself, and talking to this person actually makes me feel really horrible. I just stop talking to her. She's going to be way too busy being right for me to feel happy to be around her. That's why I've dumped some friends from my network, for the better. Imagine how sticky this gets when you have relatives and close family members who don't want you to have Scientology because of what they have heard in the media or on the

Some controversial accusations are hard not to believe, or to get manipulated by, unless you can think for yourself. What are critics of Scientology trying to stop? It's not what they claim, because they are self-serving, but rather how dangerous (in a goog and bad way) some people can become when they get Scientolgy hatting/training, knowledge and auditing/processing. Abilities to handle other people who are not as aware can be profound and so it's not for everyone. I think the most ethical are the most worthy. There are many people out there who have left Scientology and there is no way they can get rid of what they learned or how they were changed by auditing/processing, but they can do great harm because of how powerful they are after that.

Their effects can be easy to impinge on others (the average raws person) like you would never imagine. Do not underestimate what you can do with Scientology, just the most amazing results in many areas of life. Just beware of the fear mongers, the critics who would want to take away your chance to try it out too. Some of them probably don't believe others should have the chance to improve. Scientology used along with your religious (Christian, Mormon, Etcetera) ethics is powerful stuff. In fact, Louis Farrakhan's speech about his discovery of Scientology to his flock found on YouTube is pretty amazing. Check it out. He gives biblical validations for why he is okay with Scientology for his group.

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