By Hellcat on Friday Open Thread

@meetapossum Someone at my work has seriously been coughing nonstop since… Tuesday, I think. And in our setup, it rings out and echoes through the building. It's driving me bats, and I know I am mean and awful but I just want to tell her to either shut the hell up or take her ass to the CVS that is within walking distance from here and take care of her noisy business.

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By bessmarvin on Friday Open Thread

Thank you all for your WONDERFUL advice last week (I am the stereotypical crazy ex-girlfriend!) - It helped so much I can't even tell you. You are wise, generous, kind people!

As of 2:36 today, I have officially not talked to my ex for an entire week! IT HAS TO GET EASIER RIGHT yay omg so hard #killme

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By nina! on Friday Open Thread

I had my third interview (second Skype interview) for a position I really, really want. It's related to things I'm passionate about (global health, communications, program development) and in a city where I want to be (Boston). Send all the good vibes!

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By MrsTeacherFace on Friday Open Thread

@jazzloon Standing (sitting?) in solidarity with the nervous poopers, ie: anxiety poops. The worst.

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By Urwelt on Friday Open Thread

I broke up with my boyfriend last weekend and while it was over due, I still sort of wish I had waited a week. My boss just said we could leave early today, and if I was going to see him after work, I would have been excited to have more time together (I was always fonder of him in the abstract). But instead... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'll be okay though. My coworker just brought me a cuba libre, and I've decided I'm going to go to a bakery and then a bookstore.

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By wallsdonotfall on Friday Open Thread

@laurel If it were a real small town, though, they would all be the same person.

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By TheUnchosenOne on Let This Champagne Bottle Explain How 75% of Men Come Within 3 Minutes

Also that thing with the banana, man, that's not how that works.

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By leonstj on I Just Wanted to Fly Solo: A Night at the Sugar Ray Festival

@justjoined) - Yo all those "girls" who like to get fucked up and compete, tell them to call me. I mean not like romantically/sexually 'call me', but they sound like fun people who are confident in their own steez and might be fun folk to chill with. And, fuck, maybe romantically too actually if I hit it off with one of them, cuz ain't nothing undateable 'bout a woman like that.

As for equality bro. Think about it this way: Two human beings of the same race, class, gender, and education and whatever are generally thought of as "equal" - yet, nobody would ever say that "these two people are the same." All individuals have their own different dreams & histories & favorite jokes, pizza toppings, fuck positions, and songs. Equality doesn't mean a lack of differentiation, it just means freedom in choosing where you get to be different.

I'm not trying to slow your roll and shit - you can prefer mellow women, romantically, to wild & crazy ones. Romantically, I prefer women with more ambition than me. But whatever, that's only a personal compatibility preference. You gotta not like, prescribe that all women act in the ways that make them desirable to you, romantically.

Also ps: if you think dating a woman who just exists to complement her man is better than a strong lady with her own money, just think about (a)how much more awesome the vacations you take together will be when you both have equal incomes or (b)the fact that if you are treating a woman like a lesser fucking species instead of an equal human being who you share your life with, doesn't that mean you're basically into bestiality?

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By Inkling on Friday Open Thread

Oh no, not you! Your roommate! I mean he is friends with a person who shits on his actual mirror and didn't even care. Not about the mirror having shit on it, or more importantly in my opinion, the fact that someone he liked enough to invite over purposefully shat in not the toilet. But then YOU'RE "fucking immature" for asking them to party quieter.
That dude needs to take a page from Dumbledore's book and stand up to his friends. I mean, he needs to do a lot of things, I'm just really surprised at the awful behavior that people put up with the preserve friendships.

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By Jazmine on Friday Open Thread

@honey cowl A professor once told that she talked about "taking off her feminist lenses" so much that a student made a pair of glasses of her. She's a scholar of feminist international relations-- which can sometimes be ugly, heartbreaking stuff-- and she said it's important to LAUGH. You need to take a break from all that fighting, and you can't feel guilty about it.

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