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@Hellcat This little thread was exactly what I needed - I can currently hear my roommate's boyfriend, who's a bad houseguest anyway - hacking away as usual. Late into the night... I can hear him coughing. I don't know how on earth my roommate sleeps through that racket.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) I feel this way too - a friend I know through a guy friend apparently thinks I'm cute (according to guy friend) so we hung and danced and traded numbers on his birthday. I haven't heard from him since, and I don't know him enough to like him - I don't get excited about it - but it would have been nice had he followed up!

I also haven't met anyone who really makes me sit up and take notice and I think it is bumming me out a bit.

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On Friday Open Thread

Also: unrelated awesome thing of September: I moved into a great apartment with two great roommates! Two weeks in and it's going really well!

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On Friday Open Thread

For those of you who replied to me a few weeks ago re: crush on my friend's boyfriend's roommate:
1. nonononono it is not my friend's boyfriend (think Darth Vader no... google if necessary)
2. he is single. I would NEVER go there if not and we wouldn't have this issue.

So I haven't really gotten up the courage to text him for drinks. I did once before and it turned out that our mutual friends, the couple, were "being lame" so he wanted to reschedule, which tells me he didn't pick up on the fact that I wanted to hang out with him just him. I guess I didn't make it explicit, but he was the one to say "I'm getting back into town in early evening, will you be around?" so I kind of got too excited about that I guess. I didn't follow through to suggest just us two meet up because we live in different neighborhoods and it was already pretty late by then in my city where public transport shuts down early. I think I am not getting the good vibes from him which is too bad, but I'm okay with it.

Also our mutual friends used to basically live at his apartment, but they moved in together as a couple so he has a different roommate now. So maybe I'll see him less anyway... but this moved happened over Sept 1 and that sort of coincided with a ramp up in the texting/general interest in hanging out.

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On Friday Open Thread

@milominderbender Oh my lord, I know what you mean. Today my least favorite coworker, who is a director, left the office early for the THIRD week without dismissing her team, who are mainly temps who cannot lock up our offices for admin type reasons & so cannot be last in the building. But the FTEs had summer hours and used to leave at 1 pm (which usually meant 2 or 2:30 for me), so when she left with no plans for locking up it was an issue. The first two times I and the other junior staff person were stuck calling her to see if we could dismiss them because we also needed to leave. I had to stay later than I wanted to once because of this. And it's a bit odd to have another team's admin (me) dismiss your own employees. My boss wasn't pleased.

But today I was vindicated because the executive assistant was the one who noticed she just bailed early and didn't dismiss her team, so a) I didn't have to stay again because she handled it and b) the assistant will bring up to her boss, the president. Summer hours are over, but the president let us all leave at 4 because we worked an event last night, late. And yes, the temps worked it too. This woman is just so inconsiderate! She never even thinks of her own employees! Argh.

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On Friday Open Thread

@bessmarvin YES now keep at it. :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@cabber I had to do this too, with the family dog, when I was in high school. My mom and I went together. The way I try to think of it is not that she spent her last moments in the vet's office (in our case in the hospital) but that she was curled up with you and that to her was probably pretty great.
(Whoops off to cry now)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lucienne Robin McKinley mostly. Or Tamora Pierce. I'm a nerd.

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On Friday Open Thread

@nina! Aw yay! Good luck! I live in Boston, it's nice here!

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On Friday Open Thread

@nina! Thanks! Yeah it does feel too close to home, like I said to Quinn A I think we're not there yet? Having not hung out one on one yet. But I actually did suggest we get drinks one time, and he brought along the couple (whom I love) but I feel like that's not a great sign? Obviously still fun, but...
Edit: not close to home, I meant feels like too much too soon (I also am about to move into a different apartment)

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