On A Cool Book Review By A Hip Writer Who Has Definitely Had Sex

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to bathe in this FOREVERRRRRRRR

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On 42

"Oh, I just looked you up on Wikipedia and I see that you’re 55. Oh, yeah! That is such a hot age. It’s like, you’re still alive, but only for about 30 more years."

Fucking genius.

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On A Curated Selection of Wonderfully Gruesome Sentences from Wikipedia

Wow this list is the answer to all of my prayers. Thank you for improving my evening 1,000 fold.

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On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

Oh my god, this is fucking incredible. Just to post it once again: "And maybe it's good that people keep writing pieces like this, so impossibly shallow and shortcut-minded that the subtext is clear as anything: look how nice we look, as a people, when white gets to be more interesting and minorities get to look white. Look at this freckled, green-eyed future. Look at how beautiful it is to see everything diluted that we used to hate." DAMN thank you for getting right down to the gristle of this revolting "progressive" rhetoric.

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On The Pubic Issue, Non-Monosexuality 101, and The Cool Gay Auntie

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On The Pubic Issue, Non-Monosexuality 101, and The Cool Gay Auntie

"As a bisexual woman, I wish it would stop snowing." Absolutely fucking incredible.

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On Call the Dolphin

@themegnapkin Seriously!!!! Sharks can smell a single drop of blood in the water from miles away, let alone a whole...birth's worth. Good lord.

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

I went to two weddings with my ex while we were dating (one for his brother, and one for his dad) and his family was VERY insistent that I be in all the photos. We hadn't been dating very long at that point, and it made me SO SOOOOOO uncomfortable.I know that LW3's relationship is more established and probably a lot different than mine was at the time, but I usually take a back seat when it comes time for photo's at sig. others family events. Then again, I def. have an instinct to hide, and a strong fear of mugging in some photo when no one really wants me there. I think A Lady's advice is pretty good-take a few with and a few without your boyfriend. I think of those wedding photos sometimes, and it definitely brings back old weird feelings, but mostly it's just kind of funny. The ex was an abusive asshole and I dumped him a year or so afterward, and he was not happy about it. Whoops, sorry I ruined all your photos!

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