come to Durham NC!

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On A Bold Notion for Baby Showers

ugh, coworkers

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On 10 Years, Actually: Harry & Karen, David & Natalie, John & Judy

@questingbeast 'Ello guvnor!

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On Remembering Lilith: Fiona Apple


What a cunning way to condescend
Once my lover, and now my friend

Right? Thanks for the 780 verbal score on my SATs, Fiona!

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On Remembering Lilith: Fiona Apple


I was 14 when "Criminal" started playing on MTV. I used my infrequent and meager allowance to buy the CD - my first CD purchase. While I did my chores after school, I used to play it and sing along to every word at maximum volume (much to my little brother's chagrin).

I still know all the words and I still sing along to all those songs and they're still as moving as they were 15 years ago.

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On Specific Mini-Playlist: Say My Name Three Times

Got that Cyril Hahn remix on repeat. Now I just wish it was on Spotify or iTunes or something.

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On George Saunders to the Class of 2013: "Err in the Direction of Kindness"

@sophia_h I love Vonnegut.

"I was some of that mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me. Lucky mud."

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On Will You Invite Last-Timers to Your Wedding?

@enic Unless each guest costs ~your parents~ more than the gift. It's like selling the books your parents bought you for college courses for cold, hard, beer money.

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On Other People's Kids, Homes

Maybe we (especially as women) should get over this fear of being called a "Child-Hater" as if that's some terrible thing. I mean, "Hater" is hyperbolic but obviously people who choose to be child-free *don't like kids* to some extent. What's so wrong with not liking children? Why should we have to pretend that we do?

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