On Interview With a Virgin: Will

@fondue with cheddar Exactly. I'm an older virgin by circumstance, and my history is a mix of a strict religious upbringing kept me "chaste" in my teen years, but now that I'm agnostic, I can't give it away. I think the fact that virginty, is being discussed much more widely in relation to people who aren't virgins for religious reasons is an interesting transition. Also, I just like hearing people with similar experiences to my own. It makes things less lonely. Espcially when most romance/sex advice is written for people who've already had sex, because, duh. I'm also finding more and more self described virgins, like Will, are very well informed, and have done their homework as far as knowing what circumstances would be comfortable for them, plus anatomy, etc.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Will

Thank you for this series. Just...Thanks.

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