On Famous People It Took Me Way Too Long To Realize Are Not the Same Person

Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson. (At least until I saw "Taken" and became obsessed with hating Liam Neeson for putting me through that piece of garbage.)

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On I Love His Work

This is amazing.

The first time I saw that scene where Frank is birthed from the couch on It's Always Sunny I think I literally laughed harder than I ever did in my entire life. I couldn't stop re-watching it. What a gift to the world that man is.

Unrelated: I also hate Halloween and hate myself for it. It's reassuring to know i'm not alone.

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On This Is Not A Mitford Eulogy

I'd like to belatedly thank the Hairpin/Nicole for introducing me to the Mitfords 3 years ago, and for your continued attention to this important subject.

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On What My Mom Wants Me to Blog About

Wait, what IS it like to be disappointed with highlights? I'm about to get some, and I'm a little nervous.

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On A to Z: Cute Animal Videos I'm Still Waiting On

Oh my, I love this so much.

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On My Best Friend's Cancer

This is beautiful, thank you. I'm so sorry for your loss but glad for you that you got to have a friend like this. Not everyone does.

A few years ago my cousin and my best friend were both diagnosed with cancer at around the same time. My best friend lived and my cousin died, so I too know what it's like to be unexpectedly shaken out of your youthful exuberance. I don't often say it to her but I'm thankful everyday that my friend is still here.

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On The 10 Worst Nail Polish Names from Pure Ice

@battlestarlet Ew.

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On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: Suri's Burn Book and the Celebrity Offspring Economy

Funny, just two seconds before I ran across this article, the television told me that Kevin Jonas' baby's birth was sponsored by Dreft laundry detergent.

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On Sestina About Hangovers For a 25-Year-Old From a Person Over 40

My hangovers were SO MUCH WORSE when I was in my teens/20s (as opposed to now, my 30s) because I would drink five times as much, and would drink awful awful things like Zima and Bacardi 151. I don't know anyone my age (who isn't an alcoholic) who should ever be as hungover as a really young person who's an enthusiastic partier/binge drinker.

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On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

I read about this blot clot issue about a year and a half ago, and freaked out. I literally got up from my desk at work and pulled the thing out. Annnnd... Now I have a five month old baby. True story.

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