ghost with the most

ghost with the most

hopping continents, downing everything vegan, working on the Masters.

On Friday Open Thread

where is the photo from? iran or south asia..? architecture studies grrrl's gotta know : )

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On The New SAHM

an intelligent response: http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2013/03/18/sorry_nymag_but_feminist_housewives_are_not_a_real_trend.html

i love that she uses orthodox jews and mormons as groups that have this SAHM appeal... just whaaat????@($*)!*#_!

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On Hierarchy of Airport Crushes

i heard that a guy friend of mine who is a charmer charmed a girl he sat next to on a flight and made out with her when they were landing

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On Long Distances, "Terribleness," and the Skin-Crawly Feeling

@wee_ramekin thanks!!! was about to post "WHERE can i get a 'A huge red flag being waved by a T.rex shooting lasers' every time i'm about to make a mistake / it isn't working out?'

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On How to Make a "Jelly Sandwich"

@queenofbithynia i remembered that immediately too!!! maybe kind of cool to be able to put on the amt of sugar you want though, if ladies were putting in like heaps and heaps of butter and sugar (and lard ohhh the lard)

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On How to Make a "Jelly Sandwich"

@fondue with cheddar but imagine your skin after all the lye soap......

and you'd just put some petroleum jelly shit on to fix it

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On Friday Open Thread

@thenotestaken turkish menemen! (i've never had shakshuka but seems similar?) it's like an omelet but a little less solid and you can eat it using any yummy bread you have on hand. you can also put in mushrooms, cheese, whatever you want, but the tomatoes you need. side of olives and tea, necessary! http://www.deliciousistanbul.com/blog/2012/03/05/classic-menemen-recipe/ i have a surplus of eggs too, oh god.

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On Friday Open Thread

@PistolPackinMama i identified with so much of this post! you put into words a lot of stuff that's been going through my head lately.

also, "No more makeouts with me if you are a soul-vampire or orgasms miser." ORGASMS MISER. finally, it has a name.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Danzig! yeah! went to a few parks and a museum, but there are more to see. need to buy a bike too!

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On Friday Open Thread

i broke, as in broke down a bit at the beginning of the week (but feeling better now!). i moved from a (very fun) and large city abroad to a smaller (quieter but still cool) US city for grad school. area studies for the region i moved from, and i almost stayed abroad for it but the US program has a better reputation. so this 'reverse culture shock' shit is real i guess + dudes i have had sexytimes with (HP thanks forever for coining this <3) have gone AWOL (prompting a 547th 'swearing off of all dudes forever, for real this time'). but may have aced my midterms and that's what counts, right?

also finding grey hairs on my newly 25 year old head. a lady will still get laid with a few of those....?

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