On Girl Talk: Dante

@TheBourneApproximation Dante's always been eye candy, but a lot of the backlash to the new look is because the first version of the new design was AWFUL. Ninja Theory re-redesigned him to be what you see above. (And the less hardcore gameplay and sledgehammerly unsubtle plot combined with Capcom's many failures of late certainly didn't help)

I don't mind his new design (especially the gratuitous ab-ness), but I'm much more a fan of the slightly scruffy, older, silver-haired Dante from DMC4. http://b1969d.medialib.glogster.com/media/85de58c139e5d3f01d1e494b461a2ce23fad39e495c218b7a395830b0d8fe4cd/dante-dmc4.jpg

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On Girls Who Wear Glasses on Halloween

Pretty obscure unless in a crowd of gamers/anime fans, but the entire cast of Persona 4 wears glasses. http://www.imgbase.info/images/safe-wallpapers/video_games/persona_4/8479_persona_4.jpg

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