On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

This is not very chill of me, but how you feel about "Rude" is precisely how I feel about all of the EDM remixes y'all post.

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On Adventures With Gym Man

I love this! Awesome.

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On My Special Friend

Damn, I need a smartphone. Glad to see you around these parts a little more often lately, Edith.

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On Seven Months Alone in South America

@drydenlane Awesome! Yes, I would love to travel more, and long-term. I traveled quite a bit between college and law school. I've been trying to figure out how to make it happen, but I do currently have a non-legal job and I'm not sure I'm ready to make the leap to traveling and not working. I'd love to work abroad, but I've had a hard time finding opportunities doing that. What do you do in Chile? South America is really high on my list--I've never been.

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On Seven Months Alone in South America

@Laura Yan@twitter Just curious. I'm fascinated by defecting attorneys because I sort of am one (though not completely by choice, ha!) Looking forward to hearing what you do next.

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On Seven Months Alone in South America

Awesome photos and story! Sounds like a great trip. Laura, I'm a little curious, were you an attorney or working in another capacity at the law firm?

Baby llama forever

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On Sweet Dee

This is awesome, and even though the ending wasn't sad, it made me cry. I miss my girl friends, the ones I'm close with (who live on the other side of the country) and those who I have drifted from.

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On Doris Lessing's Art of Fiction Interview

Doris Lessing is my all. Interesting about the Times obit.

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On 13 Months Alone in Bangkok

Oh man, I am dying to live and work abroad (especially in SE Asia), but I just can't figure out how to make it happen. Great interview, glad these traveling/living abroad alone interviews are back!!

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On Friday Open Thread

@drydenlane Thanks y'all. I am very low maintenance with my skin so I wasn't sure if Retinols were something that most of us are doing and I never heard about or what. My moisturizer has sunscreen and I live in the gray Pacific Northwest, but I'll be better about sunscreen on sunny days and consider trying Retinols. Poor face. :/

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