By iknowright on Jim Behrle Wants to Know

When the garbage is full and has smelly foodstuff in it....I do want to take it out. I mean, I don't think taking out the trash is fun, but I do want to do it because the end result (clean-smelling kitchen, no fruit flies, not having to clean gross food off the lid from trying to close it while full, having space in there for new trash, etc.) is desirable. Everyone gets to be lazy about shit once in awhile, but laziness that makes your life (or the PERSON YOU'RE LIVING WITH'S LIFE, HELLO) worse/grosser/stinkier isn't really acceptable to me. Neither is it cool if one person has taken out the trash the last 3 times and then has to ask the person they're living with to do it, and then they say they will but don't, so that person then has to ask again or just do it themseleves, and they're not allowed to be grumpy about it because hey, what's the big deal anyway, why are you always on my case, calm down, it's just a bag of trash! I don't smell anything, smells fine to me, you're just looking for things to be mad about. Geez, maybe I act like a child because you keep treating me like one, you ever think of that? Maybe your standard of cleanliness is just like, way higher than a normal person, in fact I sort of think you're a control freak and honestly, a little pee on the seat isn't going to kill you, if you hate it so much you clean it up, because it doesn't bother me so why should I do it? Oh, just to keep you happy? Well what about MY happiness? How about I'll vacuum the living room for you if you give me a blowjob, that's a fair trade, right? Then we both get what we want.

Ummm, that might have gotten away from me a little bit there. In sum, though: Most of us just want a relationship that feels like a partnership, without gaslighting or disrespect, and being with another person requires give and take. If that's not something you are capable of offering through both good/fun and bad/boring times, perhaps you should not be with that person (or any person at all in a traditional way? I for one think living around the corner from a significant other sounds promising).

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 2:45 pm 20