On My History of Being Fat


Maybe the hairpin could solicit some writing on this topic from hairpinners and post some of them into a smorgasbord on the issue of weight? I know I'm intrigued about what you wrote....

It's interesting to hear the personal stories of people, I love how the billfold has all these little individual slices of life that make up the bigger quilt, about a topic that people often don't really talk that much about or talk defensively about (money) that can actually be pretty segmenting and divisive. I feel like I learn when people share their stories from the first person pov.

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On My History of Being Fat


Um... if you ever want to lead a retreat in the woods, I would like to pre-register now?

I'll bring the marshmallows (or tasty sweet potatoes and spices for making campfire chips... I'm all for healthy gourmet cuisine).

I'll even bring the brownies....!

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