On Friday Open Thread

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That sounds like a great time. I think everybody's got an inner cowboy, in the best sense of that, and I encourage you to let it out whenever you can.

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On Friday Open Thread

Well, it’s been a roller coaster of a week for me! I’m sure you guys saw the news reports and tweets, so there’s no need to recap the details. Let’s just say it’s been a real time of growth for me. Looking back, I think it can be the most difficult parts of life that, in the long run, give us the strength we need. And we can’t change until we acknowledge that we have made mistakes. But there’s no shame in that! It’s the only way to move forward. My family has been a great support, but I also want to thank all of my new friends here at the ‘Pin. You guys are the best.

How about you guys, how were your weeks? Did you learn anything new?

p.s. Great having you around, Bobby!

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On Talking About #FemFuture

Accidental Brunching!

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On Talking About #FemFuture

As a white man with a lot of privilege, I just want to thank Nicole from bringing up the importance of intersectionality in our analysis of privilege in society. It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately!

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On My So-Called Post-Feminist Life

Wow, I just took a look and those comments are really appalling. I should have heeded your warning!

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On Image Serving No Purpose Other Than to Let Us Stare at That Sweet Face All Day

Oh boy accidents, I know all about those. Your kids sound great.

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On One-Page Screenplays: "The Accidental Racist"

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Or maybe 'Occidental Racist,' though that may be a tad redundant. When you conceive of racism as the sum of prejudice plus privilege, as I've recently learned to do, then racism is only possible on the part of individuals speaking from a place of privilege.

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On One-Page Screenplays: "The Accidental Racist"

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I was also thinking about 'Accidental Death of an Anarchist,' but I don't know if I'm up to learning Italian. I feel like singing in English wouldn't show enough respect for Italian culture, as I'm sure you'll understand, but it's a pretty intimidating prospect!

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On Bi Identification, Moving Out, and the Rhinestone-Encrusted Manicure

Do you guys think "Accidental Biphobic" would be a good song? Yeah, me neither.

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On Here's Brad Paisley's Horrible New Song "Accidental Racist"

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Got it!

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