On You're Doo-ing It Wrong

@Lisa Frank this comment wins all the comments

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On What My Mom Wants Me to Blog About

@mirablu +1 I need this for the movie synopses alone. Plus maybe there'd be some dog pics. Like a series called "Adorable Puppies We're Ignoring Our Daughters For."

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On Dear Shailene Woodley

This upsets me even in jest (not that it isn't good jest, I'm just feeling sensitive). I feel so tired of explaining feminism to people who think the Mens Rights movement is "just the other side of the argument", or that we're trying to get something other than equality. Ugh.

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On Sacred Socks

My ex abandoned his cat with me, and after a year when he came to visit her, she attacked him and then hid under the bed. It was sad, but at the same time like... Yeah. My cat now. Keep walkin'.

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On The Insecurity Pie

@sophia_h Oh god this is hilarious. I'm going to buy some yellow underpants and wear them while I re-read Watchmen next time I get my period.

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On Faking Orgasms for Fun (?) and Profit

@The Lady of Shalott In "These Happy Golden Years" Ma and the girls make a treat (for Fourth of July, I think) out of popcorn covered in molasses and pressed into balls. It sounds so delicious.
Also: too many ideas I have about virtue and politeness come from those books.

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On The Bestworst Guy

@wee_ramekin 2011-2012

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@fondue with cheddar Thanks for the update! I actually refreshed this page this morning thinking, "which size should I get? I wonder if the larger size worked out for a non-baby-having lady Fondue."

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On The Week of February 11 - 15

@par_parenthese BSG! BSG!

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On The Fake Boyfriend Pie

@iceberg flashback to my sixth grade English substitute teacher who swore he knew Jonathan Brandis and would bring him into class some day....I AM STILL WAITING.

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