On Navigating the Bleacher Creatures

@drydenlane Ditto - I've been to a TON of baseball stadiums and never had to deal with any of that, even when wearing the gear of the opposing team. I have, however, had to deal with some variation of "Are you really a fan, or do you just like the colors?" many, many times. Which, as a Mets fan, really? Orange and blue?

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On The ChocoVine Chocolate Red Wine Cake

Last year at Thanksgiving, my fiance forced my family to take "shots" of Chocovine because we had a bottle in our house that we couldn't get rid of. I felt proud of his resourcefulness and guilty for making my family drink Chocovine. Where were you with this wonderful recipe last year???

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On So You Just Now Saw "Prometheus" and "Magic Mike"?

We also saw hot male scientist in The OC as Ryan Atwood's brother.

There are not enough exclamation points in the world for Magic Mike.

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On I Never Meta-Horror I Didn't Like

Good work, zombie arm!

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