On The Bathroom Whisperer: How to Really Clean a Toilet

@Beaks Hello, I am the crazy bathroom-vacuum evangelist. Have you heard the Good Word?

Basically every time I vacuum my house, I drag the vacuum into the bathroom and use the little hose attachment to get all the hairs and dust out of the corners and crevices. I've never found a better way to collect the unholy mix of my long hairs, my husband's innumerable body hairs, and the mysterious skin-flake dust. Once all that is gone, it's a million times easier to scrub the actual gross bathroom mildew etc that's left behind, instead of just pushing hair/dust around on a wet surface.

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On Friday Open Thread

@PennyCentury I use a mustache trimmer for downstairs depilation. It leaves a tiiiiny millimeter of hair behind, but that means it never interacts with your skin, so there's no chance or irritation or ingrowns. It's not completely smooth and clean, but I kept delaying shaving for weeks because I was afraid of the consequences, so the millimeter of hair is a better outcome than just never grooming for me!

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On No Theoryheads Allowed: My 2000s & Wayne Koestenbaum

@kylo perfect!

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On No Theoryheads Allowed: My 2000s & Wayne Koestenbaum

@kylo We need some kind of thumbs-up system to indicate "solidarity in hating that dick." Maybe like a crossed-arms scowling slow head-shake GIF?

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On Who's the Squarest-Jawed of Them All?

@stonefruit Totally a thing in Georgia too

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On Friday Open Thread

@Bryanna even a body politic?

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

@Mira Chopsticks! As a bonus, you could embroider an adorable sleeve for your special Cheeto chopsticks

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On Friday Open Thread

I snapped on a couple of well-intentioned students and need to figure out how to handle this situation next time it happens. For context, i've been hyper-conscious of male/female dynamics in public spaces and street harassment and where to draw the line between profiling and accurately assessing threats.

I work at a community college and look fairly young. I was walking around outside and a couple young male students said "you're hot" as I walked by. I turned around and snapped "come on, man, why would you say that" and they were baffled and said "no, we said HOT." At this point I kind of lost the courage of my convictions and stammered out something like "I'm just minding my own business, why can't I just be in a public space" and said something about taking Feminism 101. They asked if it would be better if they said "you're pretty" and I said something like "it's hard to move through life constantly being evaluated as a sexual object." This write-up makes it sound much more articulate than I actually was!

The guys seemed pretty open to suggestion, like they asked if Feminism 101 was actually a class on campus. I feel terrible that I had a receptive audience for an educational moment and blew it. I'm sure I came off as insane in what was an irritating-but-not-clearly-threatening moment. I wish I'd had the ability to think though the "is it better to say you're pretty" moment and explain that yes, that would feel less like they were evaluating me for bangability, but still just say hi, you know?

Basically, I am embarrassed and chagrined that I started a feminism fight that I couldn't finish. Any tips for how to use teachable moments without seeming insane?

I certainly understand that many women would just roll their eyes and move on. That's what I usually do too, and I know sometimes you just don't have the time, patience, or sense of safety to deal with it. I guess I'm just wondering how you approach these situations when you do feel like you can have an effect. How do you summarize "you are complicit in rape culture" to a couple kids walking by on a sunny day?

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On Kate Christensen's Blue Plate Special; Or, "Another Fucking Food Book"

@lookuplookup Gabrielle Hamilton's "Blood, Bones & Butter" touches on class issues, especially in descriptions of her childhood.

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On Q: What Are Llamas Like? A: Everything

@laurel DYING. oh god the suspense...

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