On Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

@Decca I know right? It's one the creepiest wiki pages ever, I can't even put my finger on why though. Although I read that some police officer knew more about a woman (somehow connected) who had an illegitimate child? And he wouldn't reveal who she was? I can't remember the details but that part made it all the more confusing.

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On Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

@meetapossum I cannot express how how happy I am that someone has mentioned creepy pasta, which gives you guaranteed laughs or chills but either way is super fun. Also, for real life creepiness, I submit to the midnight society the tale of the numbers station: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numbers_station

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On Friday Open Thread

@Hellcat Sorry Hairpin if this is inappropriate but here's one of my favorites from Louis:

‘She’s an angel…and I want her to drown in my cum.’ That’s the closest we can get to a poetry in our hearts. We love you. We really do. We think you’re angels….and we want you to drown in our cum. We want to drench your angel wings that take you to heaven in our sticky, gooey, disgusting jism. That’s what we want. I’m sorry, that’s just the way we are.”

It's not that it's gross or cliche about men but the way he says it. It's like he's saying "I am trying, I am but this is all I got." Anyway George Carlin is someone I need to get more familiar with, thanks for the suggestion!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Hellcat Thank you!! I have been quietly simmering with rage (not at ex, but at missing Louis) all day, and sort of feel like the bratty little girl in Willy Wonka who is demanding a golden egg. "I want to see Louis and I want to see him now!"

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On Friday Open Thread

@Dancercise Not contacting the ex I was supposed to see Louis CK with tonight. I really wanted to ask if he still had a spare ticket me for because Louis is THE BEST. Still incredibly bummed about not seeing Louis but at least I'll be avoiding awkwardness. Yay??

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