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@rallisaurus I'm sorry about your cat! I've had plantar fasciitis before and it's awful. Definitely use the night splint, that's probably what helps the most. If you have stairs, try standing with the front half of your foot on a stair and the heel hanging out. Standing backwards, basically, holding on to things so you don't add "falling down stairs" to your shitty week. Does that make sense? It should hurt, which is good, because you're stretching. Make sure you're supporting your arches, too, that was really important for me. Dr. scholl's green inserts are great.

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On Friday Open Thread

@stonefruit I've recently had a lot of luck with Oyin's funk butter. It's baking soda and clay and shea butter, basically. I'm sensitive to fragrances and ALL fragrance-free deodorant smells anyway, so this is what works for me. I don't smell after a workout, which is my ultimate test. I'm pretty sure I heard about it here.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lurkasaurus That's awful. You should be able to tell the therapist it's not working out/don't have a connection/whatever and they should've stopped bugging you there. When I left my last therapist, I just didn't schedule any more appointments and then told the scheduling people I wanted a different therapist. Well, actually, I talked to a really cool nurse who recommended someone to me. But yeah, if that ever happens again (I doubt it) just keep saying it didn't work out until crappyshittynogood therapist stops. Or leave.

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On Friday Open Thread

@SmartCookie I'm also looking into getting more craftsy, I want to do something when I'm watching tv. Is crocheting easier than knitting? Is starting a scarf going to be a Thing that hangs over me when I never finish?

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On Friday Open Thread

@bevrockin I marathoned House of Cards and then OITNB immediately after. Can't wait for second seasons. And the finale of Orange! *not spoiling*

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On Friday Open Thread

I've been thinking about getting Mirena lately, because I'm on the pill now and my libido is pretty much gone. I need hormonal BC because of awful cramps, and Mirena's hormones are more localized... I guess my question is, what hormonal BC has the least amount of hormones? I want some libido, but not crying-in-the-bathtub cramps. And I don't want to take the mini-pill, because of the time-sensitive thing.
Also, I bring you pictures of the baby hummingbirds that live outside my kitchen window.

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On Friday Open Thread

@swamp hag Yay! Your method of solving problems sounds exactly like mine.

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@does it need saying I have a light blue Lunette, which I adore. I don't turn it or anything, just fold it and then press against the side to pop it open. Only time I've had leaks is when I've left it in for like... 3 days. Such laziness. I like the softer ones because I can't feel them when they're in. Seriously, since BC and this thing, periods aren't the 1/4 of the month that I used to dread so much.

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On Friday Open Thread

@lasso tabasco I thought about getting an IUD, but I think I'll get the implant instead. I don't want to accidentally pull the IUD's strings while changing it or something. I use a lunette, which has been absolutely perfect for me (although I still make a mess when I forget to rinse it for like... three days). http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/ Is the forum where all the Cupmasters meet.

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On Friday Open Thread

@4and20blkbirds Oh, same for me but with English. Hope you find a job quickly, what're you looking to do?

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