On Things I Learned From This Danny DeVito Profile


(No, not you Jazmine.)

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On Bloodfeast: Scary White People Tacos

Dammit, now I'm going to have to make tacos.

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On 10 Years, Actually: Rufus

Oh, Bobby Finger, I love you so.

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On This Is the Only Tab

@Nicole Cliffe And, now I find the two of them kind of charming whereas I had no use for them prior to clicking. Superwasted celebrities, they're just like us!

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On 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

@SarahP Summer Candy: frozen Milky Ways.

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On How Many Escalators Are There in Wyoming?

As someone who is terrified of escalators, I approve of Wyoming and hope to visit soon.

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On Your Mission Is to Simulate Pouch-Food Eating on Mars

My very first science fiction book, upon recommendation of my father, was The Martian Chronicles. I was nine. I feel as though Bradbury is part of my soul. Off to snap up a few books....

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On Mapping Manhattan: How 10 Women See the City

@thelibrarianne I got to spend what I call my "Paris" years (the early '70s, I was 18-22) going to school and working in Minneapolis. It was crazy fun with mad love affairs, adventures galore, and no one was a stranger. Every memory is a shining gem, and I'm flashing on a lot of them right now.

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On Mapping Manhattan: How 10 Women See the City

@thelibrarianne How odd. I live in New Mexico, which is the farthest reality from New York, and really enjoy the New York-centric pieces. They remind me of the crazy foreign energy I feel when I am there and I feel a little sorry that New Yorkers don't get to experience the wide open spaces that are the only existence I can live in anymore.

I would love to get a New Mexico map project going, it would be awesome.

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On Nancy Drew Books You Haven't Read Yet

@lookuplookup Confessions on my Kindle now! I love Nancy Drew so much, I read each and every one at my best friend's house. I have a Nancy Drew taxi wallet that will be my forever wallet, it makes me so happy when I pay for things.

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