On Friday Open Thread

@dj pomegranate Meyer lemon whiskey sours!

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On Eat, Pray, Scrub

@Emmanuelle Cunt OH Godddd, white tile floors! My kitchen has white tile floors and they are the bane of my existence. Not only are they impossible to keep clean, but if you drop anything on the floor, it immediately breaks. People of the world, STOP putting white tile floors in the kitchen! Whyyyy?

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@anachronistique Aaah, thank you for that! My husband has had a doppelganger in almost every place he's lived, and even places we've just visited. People are CONSTANLTLY coming up and talking to him like they know him when in fact they are complete strangers and think they're talking to some other guy who looks just like my husband. Even I, when I first met him, felt like I'd seen/met him before. Maybe he just has an "everyman" kind of look? It's a little disconcerting, although at this point he's gotten used to it and pretty much expects it every time we go out.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@SockHopBop Janis Joplin is at least better than "Mama Cass!" as one rando shouted at me at a festival several years ago. And then looked expectantly at me like I would be flattered by the comment instead of punching him in the face.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Holiday Road. Just that, on repeat, forever.

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On Reading Your Way Through the Stomach Flu

Yesss, the pigeon books! I love it when my daughter picks those books at night, because they're short and fun to read. Not that I want to begrudge reading anything to her, but she has some long-ass, dumb Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony tie-in type books that I just groan inwardly when she picks because sometimes mama's just tired and wants to get back to her OWN room before dad starts watching The Americans without her. You know.

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On Friday Open Thread

@parallel-lines Aw, man, that sucks. My husband is a nurse, who went back to school for his degree a few years ago. He ended up going to a technical college, which was maybe not the *best* school in the world, but he was running into the same thing you are, with everywhere else having two-year waiting lists. But he finished and got a job and things worked out. I wish you luck!

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On The Nose Knows, For Now...

When my sister and I were little, our grandma would play a game with us where we would be blindfolded and she would have us smell various spices and herbs and stuff, and we would have to guess what it was. So...she was ahead of her time in knowing how to exercise one's sense of smell? Or she was just creative in thinking of ways to keep two little girls busy after we got tired of "dress-up" and "tea party"?

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On Win a Jim Behrle Valentine

My youngest sister just moved to a new town far away for a job and she's feeling homesick, so today I mailed her a Valentine's Day package with homemade cookies, candy, silly cheap toys, a Valentine made by my daughter, and a guidebook for cities near where she lives, along with personal recommendations for nearby attractions since my husband and I visited the same area about a year ago.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Nicole Cliffe Between this comment, the long-lost books post earlier today, and referencing the best X-Files episode ever yesterday, I think you are my favorite person on The Internet this week.

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