By leonstj on Who is That Masked Woman? (You.)

What ever happened to keeping treats as treats? Setting aside the ridiculousness of demanding something like this, even if the lady friend was somehow inexplicably cool with it (which, somebody deserves a fucking medal or something) WHAT ABOUT HALLOWEEN!?!?!?!?

I feel like this man is ruining the sanctity of halloween. We already have a day for people to have weird sex pretending to be someone they're not, you can't go and do it all the time.

That'd be like if I decided the only thing I was ever going to eat for dinner was like, bao & a porterhouse & oysters & a big ol' glass of scotch. It would just make my birthday feel so much less special, and eventually, what's the point, even?

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By Nicole Cliffe on Friday Open Thread

It's good to remember, though, that Jamie would want to go and do stuff all the time. I bet he'd never get takeout sushi and watch Top Chef with you.

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By Nicole Cliffe on Friday Open Thread

One of these days I'm going to do Outlander for Classic Trash.

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By themmases on Can We Still Be Friends?

I actually really enjoyed Jim's piece, but re. the original article: I find it so interesting that whenever we get "proof" men tend to hope for more, that means the men are right and the whole relationship really is not "just friends" and is actually complicated and sexual and fraught. Even though obviously in these pairs, they present as just friends, they're doing a silly (poorly designed sounding) study together officially just as friends, and there is no obvious romantic entanglement, so the clear answer is that the women are right and, right now at least, they are just friends.

If I'm just friends with a man who secretly has feelings for me, that is his private problem, and the options are a) I'm right and too bad, we're still just friends, or b) how sad, I was wrong and we are no longer friends at all because dude can't act right. Sorry to be a downer, but only in a rape culture do some dude's private, wishful feelings get to redefine an entire relationship over my public, accurate ones.

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