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Just realized that this week is Palm Sunday, a Blood Moon, my period, and then Easter. Giving birth to the Antichrist in 5

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On Fantasy On Wheels: My Roller Rink Sexual Awakening

The role of fantasy in the life of the teen girl is one of my pet topics. There's a keenness to teenage sexual longing that seems unique to girls-- perhaps because it's so wrapped up in danger. We wanted so badly to be touched but were terrified of touching even ourselves.

p.s. I could write so much about my relationships with a) the Bronte sisters & b) My Chemical Romance.

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On "You Win, Or You Die": On the Women of Game of Thrones

@Multiphasic Definitely-- one thing she and Cersei have in common is their attachment to the material and political trappings of ladyship. Margaery's ultimate ambition is probably to be like her grandmother Olenna, a widow who can drink wine and drop truth bombs left and right because she has survived all her men and fulfilled all the requirements of ladyship. Cersei had no such matriarchal leader after her mother Joanna died, and so the model Tywin provides is her only ideal. This is especially interesting since she seems to love and worship the memory of her mother, but only so far as it makes her hate Tyrion for "killing" her in childbirth.

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On "You Win, Or You Die": On the Women of Game of Thrones

I find a comparison between Cersei and Daenerys to be more illustrative. Cersei only values masculinist displays of power-- killing, fucking, political bartering-- whereas Dany makes the effort to fold her exertions of power into her femininity-- her girlhood and motherhood. I appreciated how the HBO adaptation makes more of an effort to draw alliances between Dany and other women ("All Men Must Die, but we're women") than the books do (from what I recall).

GRRM's books go into far more detail on Cersei's virulent, paranoid misogyny, though, which is also important to an understanding of her motivation. Circumscribed by patriarchal modes of power as they both are, Cersei and Margaery are enemies because Margaery seems better able to withdraw her true self into the performance of ladyship, whereas Cersei was always bitter at being cheated of patriarchal power. Cersei wants nothing more than to opt out of ladyship, as Arya did, but seems too rigid to reject the few benefits offered to "ladies" in patriarchal feudalism.

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On Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

This episode made me think a lot about being "too much" (read: a woman) in a male-dominated environment. Peggy and Joan struggle for excellence and no matter what, men read them as pushing too hard, getting too emotional, asking too much. They are excessive, always too present, as if their femininity could spill out and make a mess at any moment. So Joan drinks between business calls and Peggy cries behind closed doors.

Basically, B E E N T H E R E.

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On You're So Bad

@shiv brb starting comedy club called "the matriarchy"

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On Excellent, An Ayn Rand Musical

sighing until my soul leaves my body

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On Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Zadie Smith in Conversation

I want to read these people, but I tend to find fiction about academics/academia reallllly tiresome. Are they still worth reading?

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On Your Inner Sailor Scout Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

It's okay, I'm Sailor Pluto, I'll just sit here having ONLY long-distance relationships.

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On Drinking Up and Sitting Down With the Men's Men at the Nashville Whiskey Festival

"My love of whiskey, initially 70 percent affectation, was slowly becoming sincere." <3

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