On Sex Phases, Red Flags, and "I Just Don't Think You'd Be a Good Parent"

@Emby Phew - I'm relieved I'm not the only one not so excited about AMD's response to LW1. I scurried down here to say that not being into marriage does not equal not being into commitment AT ALL. MrJones and I have been together 15 years, we have a mortgage, some shared finances and 3 cats, but we aren't married. I don't believe in marriage, he's not too bothered about it, so we aren't/won't. Doesn't mean we're not committed, obvs. I got a tiny feeling of relationship normativity from the response to LW1 - like, marriage is the only 'goal' of a relationship and if her manfriend doesn't want to get married he's definitely not into her. No no no - it ain't necessarily so.

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On Successful and Unsuccessful Gifts for Anglophiles

I am totes excited to see this on the 'pin! We have the solar-powered queen in my workplace! We are all ardent republicans (in the not-being-monarchists sense, not the US political sense, y'all) but for some reason she's given prime windowsill room. We've even made her a Union Flag parachute a la the Olympic opening ceremony. I promise we all have lots of work to do, despite how it sounds...

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On Dramatic Real Life Confessions

@intentsandpurposes@twitter Yes to that! Nicole Cooke is seriously, seriously amazing, and her retirement speech was absolutely amazing. And it really pissed me off that it got so little coverage, whilst we got blanket coverage of serial liar and cheat Armstrong barely admitting to what we already knew. Grr. Btw, as to cycling never being clean and no clean rider ever winning the Tour, I *refuse* to believe Sir Bradley Wiggins is not clean. No fricking way.

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On When to Put Up Lace Curtains

Termagent Crackity Jones, with her comically tiny feet, feminist crafting antics and unswerving insistence on Cats Above All Else and bugger the stereotypes.

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On New David Bowie, "Where Are We Now?"

@Scandyhoovian You are entirely correct. It is weird and definitely indulgent, but it manages to do the Bowie thing. I have heard various, not-quite-favourable reviews from friends so came to it expecting not-great things. But I like it...

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

@timesnewroman Yessss! I totally came down here to say that. I have to disagree with A Lady's advice on this one... LW3 is entirely entitled to be pissed at her dad. He could not be demonstrating more tiresomely obvious mid-life crisis ickness were he douching around on a motorbike with hair plugs and a bandanna. Blech. I tend to subscribe to the idea that mere biology doesn't guarantee you a place in my life, and this feels like one of those times...

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On Considering Criticism, Impostor Syndrome, and Married-People Ethics

@cecil hungry Ah, fellow editor here who was just about to confess to the same illogical hypocrisy... Somehow anyone pointing out something I've *shudder* missed instantly negates all my wondrous editrix powers. Recognising the ridiculousness doesn't seem to stop it tho. Ugh.

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On Assumptions

@rimy I think it's called catastrophe thinking... I am the Queen of Catastrophe Thinking :-)

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On Assumptions

@allofthewine Yup yup, been there - my manfriend called me at work unexpectedly one afternoon and I naturally assumed he was calling to tell me one of the cats had been run over and thus went into a pretty much full-on panic attack. He only wanted me to pick up milk on my way home or something. He couldn't understand why I was hyperventilating and oh so angry with him.

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On Beggars Choosing Beggars

@permanentbitchface Ah, it's not just the puppies, it's all baby mammals I think... We've just added cat #3 (this is what volunteering at a cat shelter does to you) who came along as a 9 week old kitten, and OMG the naughtiness! No curtains left unclimbed, underwear left unmassacred, wastebins left unknocked over... and the secret places he has chosen to pee in preference to his (always cleaned) litter tray - awesomes. It's just so unrelenting. However, I love the little fat git and know perfectly well that he only does this stuff because he's a *baby* and this too shall end. And then I will have 3 dignified lovely big cat boys and the house will be lovely again and all will be well tra la la la.
Anyway, what I'm saying is that this LW lady should chill out, get the pup training under way and show some patience. Living creatures are not predictable, relationships require some effort and you don't just dump an animal when things aren't exactly as you imagined. So there.

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