tea sonata

tea sonata

South West UK.
10 fingers, 10 toes, good start.

On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg It was one of the co-owners, and *ouch* my mum may or may not have recommended him. I took a few pictures with me, and when I got home and said to myself, "Well, he's done what I've asked, but..." and then I washed it and blow dried/straightened it and no dice.

@yeah-elle I do know what I want, that's just it, haha! I may go elsewhere and say, "excusemecanyoutweakthis?" In the meantime, bobby pins. Ugh.

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On Friday Open Thread

@yeah-elle Its too long on the fringe and the sides, and the "sideburns" are too short. The thing is, it's a good cut. It's just not what I wanted.
I've had several drastic haircuts/styles over the years. This is the only haircut I've ever been unhappy with.

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On Friday Open Thread

I got my pixie haircut. Uh oh.

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On Let This Champagne Bottle Explain How 75% of Men Come Within 3 Minutes

I'm a Brit. This was hilarious.
Although the banana bit was kinda... anyway.

I'm assuming this was about British statistics?

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On Friday Open Thread

Guys. I'm getting my first ever pixie cut this weekend. I'm so excited about it I feel a bit sick.

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On Ballerina Problems

@Megasus To be fair, I did ballet for 12 years (two of those en pointe). I am now 24 and my feet are not pretty. Although I am working on this through the medium of chiropodist appointments, comfortable biker boots, and lots of moisturiser and nail polish.

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On Friday Open Thread

Things that have happened this past week.
- I saw the Cerne Abbas giant. It was beautiful.
- I had my first two driving lessons. I have another on Monday, god, I wish I had more opportunity to pratice between lessons.
- I am experimenting with colour in my clothing, and am actually wearing dresses. This is now a thing, and I don't hate it.
- Seriously working out a game plan to lose those pesky final 20lbs...
- Fraud in my bank account! ARGH. But sorted out strangely quickly, which is a relief.
- FINALLY STARTED READING GAME OF THRONES. NOT REGRETTING IT. Also finished American Gods (Neil Gaiman). No regrets there, either.
- In other book news, I am going for a reading/q+a sesh that Margaret Atwood is doing at the end of August. EXCITEMENT.
- And... I am going for a pixie crop in about 2 weeks time. First time ever. Also very exciting. Only one person seems to think this is a good idea, but now is the perfect time to do it, if ever. And if I hate it, it's hair, it'll grow back. Plus, wigs.

And there is lots of sun. This is good, my first proper summer for about 7 years. Jolly good.

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

Oh my god, ANYTHING BY RONAN KEATING. From his solo phase after Boyzone split. Ew ew ew, shower with a wire brush and Dettol.

See also as mentioned above, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Just... no. I don't get it, never have.

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On Friday Open Thread

@lucy snowe @Oliver St. John Mollusc @Gulf of Finland

I think I knew that in the back of my head, somewhere. Anger at the not-sleeping-thing was getting in the way... thank you guys.

Edited to add I'm not trying to side-eye slut shame her. I just feel for the fiance, he's a sweetie, and I never had her down as a cheater.

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On Welcome Home


I'm moving home in about 3 weeks time, age 24, after having been at uni for 6 years (4 yrs undergrad, 2 yrs postgrad). I will be back in my old room, the room I have had since we moved in and I was 2 years old. Oddly, nothing has changed, because Dad has in fact left, and everything feels like a snapshot of how it was. I do not feel like the same person in this house, yet everything is the same, and it is still home.

I have vague plans about where I'm going next. Probably out of the house, but not for another year or so. And so will Mum - to be closer to her family. Fuck you, house, I'll miss you. You were all I've ever known, my blueprint, my sanctuary. My last springboard into adulthood, but for real this time. And Mum will offer countless lifts to places, and I will offer her countless wine-glass refills, and we will wait.

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