On Late Show With Not A Man


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On Dating Profiles, Edited for Honesty

wonderful. I related especially to the sommelier/foster wallace fan; I too had a date recount how much he loved infinite jest, but later admitted he read it mostly because it made him look good. I appreciated the honesty until, after I brought up Margaret Atwood since I was currently reading Oryx & Crake for the first time and we were discussing books, he asked "doesn't she have like, a feminist agenda?" followed quickly by "you know, I don't like feminism. But post-feminism's fine".

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On Ask a Dietitian: Salt Cravings, Workout Food, and Things to Eat When I'm Stressed

@mollpants fair point! a naturally-occurring low fat cheese is certainly acceptable. but don't try to sell me on that white rubber disguised as cheddar >:(

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On Ask a Dietitian: Salt Cravings, Workout Food, and Things to Eat When I'm Stressed

wait wait wait, low fat cheese? come on. that's worse than not eating cheese :(

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On The riot grrrl, The Activist, The Punk Singer: Interview with Kathleen Hanna

ugh can't wait to see this. Kathleen hanna was deeply important to my teenage self (and still is). my very first boyfriend gave me le tigre's first album the day we got together. my college roommates and I bopped around to bikini kill (and liz phair and tori amos and sleater kinney--I met one of my bff's when I heard her playing "dig me out" down the hall). and Kathleen, trust, that first Julie ruin album was very impactful to me. VGI? Amazing. "My philosophy/is I'm a masterpiece"!!!!

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On 26 Abortion Stories

@frenz.lo my (terrible in other ways as well) former GP who had basic gyno qualifications and usually did my annual pap etc. told me that she "wasn't comfortable" with IUDs because they could potentially destroy a fertilized egg and refused to give me one herself. thankfully she did refer me to a normal, decent human being who is an awesome ob/gyn and who I love and who I can no longer go to because my employer switched insurance providers, yay, America.

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On What Would Susan Miller Say? My Octocalypse Journal

But Toni Colette is ACTUALLY THE BEST, I don't understand your mother's concern! Or is it that network TV and McDermott don't deserve HER?

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On 12 Books to Creep Yourself Out With

oh, loooved the young unicorns. the darker l'engles are so wonderful. I wanted to add a rec for Cruddy by Lynda Barry. Not a ghost story, though very very creepy, and not so much a murder mystery as a murder memoir...but heartbreaking, funny, weird, deeply felt and straight up horrifying. The goodreads quote section should be enough to pique an interest http://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/1170873-cruddy-an-illustrated-"when what is scaring you is already jesus, who are you supposed to pray to?"

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On Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@Poubelle agreed about Eloise! She's definitely a brat, I don't think anyone questions that about her. But I think her charm is her great imagination & her hilarious affectations (which Hilary Knight just knocks out of the park, illustration-wise).

One thing that was totally omitted though is that Eloise is kind of sad! Her parents are divorced (?), and her mother just travels all the time and doesn't really care about her. Eloise lives with Nanny and occasionally gets fancy things in the mail from her mom. I always felt a little bad for her.

I think there's also something to be said about bad behavior, or more palatably, rebelliousness being celebrated in little girls. Eloise may have come from a class that expected her to be pretty and quiet and polite, but she wasn't any of those things.

Oh, and Emily and Anne 4 lyfe, but the real real best girl of LM Montgomery is Jane of Lantern Hill. The loneliness and introspection of Emily, the imagination of Anne (though of course Emily's no stranger to imagination too), and she faces down a lion!!!

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