On Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

My favourite recipe (not as in "favourite recipe for cauliflower" but as in "favourite recipe ever") is roasted cauliflower with curry. Cut into florets, toss with olive oil, curry spice blend (I like plain old Clubhouse Indian Masala) and salt, and roast at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

Broccoli gets the same treatment but with olive oil, lime zest, chopped garlic and S&P.

I have had success roasting cabbage, kale, butternut squash, eggplant, zucchini, radishes, beets, pretty much you-name-it.

Roasting vegetables is the greatest!

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On Assumptions

@iceberg I did this to someone once by accident (read his message, didn't respond right away because it was slightly awkward and I wanted to think it over, then promptly forgot all about it). He was SO HURT that our friendship never recovered.

Answer your Facebook messages, people. LIVES are at stake.

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On Assumptions

@olivebee I've recently started taking myself out for dinner or a drink when I'm in the mood but no one is available to join me. I bring a book, and I often run into friend-quaintances, and I always feel a little bit awkward. But I figure it's better to be out doing what I want to do alone than sitting at home, also alone, and NOT doing what I want.

Also, I met my gentleman friend one night when I went out dancing alone after all my friends bailed. So I feel like it's good luck.

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On My History of Being Fat

@Elsajeni I KNOW. Might as well call it "Bullying for Class Credit"

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On My History of Being Fat

Thank you for this. I can relate to most of this . . . the freshman twenty, seeking validation through sex, and hyper-awareness of being "fat adjacent" according to that very same internet chart. I always feel like I'm one pizza away from being a fat girl again. It doesn't control my life, but it does take up a lot more mental real estate than I'd like to admit.

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On Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

What a relief to know I'm not the only one with the emotional control of a toddler.

I also turn red whenever I converse with my hot supervisor.

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On Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

@Danzig! I admit it, I lol'd.

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On Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

@JanieS It's good to hear from another perspective on it. In my imagination, LW3 is behaving like a calm and rational human being, while her boyfriend is a lying liar who says "Yes, I'll do these things, I agree with your thoughts and feelings on this matter" with no intention of following through. That scenario is infuriating.

If I picture LW3 as an argument-seeking aggressor, and her boyfriend as a decent guy who's just a little bit lazy and a lot non-confrontational, SHE starts to seem like the one with the problem.

And ditto the counseling. All cleverness aside, this seems like a rough personality clash.

* for the record, I'm a crier in arguments, which I understand is also very infuriating and often seen as manipulative.

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On Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

@insouciantlover Totally. Makes me wonder if A Dude has had traumatic experiences with aggressive, domineering partners to the extent that passive-aggression seems like a reasonable response.

A Dude?

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On Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

@RobotsNeedLove This was more or less my reaction to LW2 as well. It took me a (shockingly, heart-breakingly) long time to learn that, 99 times out of 100, a person breaks things off with you BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH YOU PERIOD. The details are rarely important. Even though it's awful and painful and confusing, the sooner you accept it's over and let it go, the better for your sanity.

I think the trouble is, we tend to always think "This one is different, this is the real thing" EVERY time we fall in love. So when it doesn't work out, it seems like there will never be another chance.

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