On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: She's All That

Please tell me that "Never Been Kissed" is the next movie in this series. :) It's got it all - Drew Barrymore, a pre-fame Jessica Alba, a high school in the Chicago suburbs where the temperature never dips below 80 degrees...

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On Pass the Cranberry Chodes: Christmas, According to a December 1951 Copy of Woman's Day

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Surely, Immy is short for Imogene - or "Immy let you finish, but Beyonce was robbed."

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On Your Evening Art Project

Can I play Oregon Trail next?

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On Mom, What's Happening to Those Ladies' Faces?

Is it just me, or are both men dead ringers for Alexander Skarsgård?

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On “You Can Do Anything, As Long As It’s Nothing": Ballad of the World's Ugliest Creature

@hallucinas THAT is EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw this picture on NPR's page!

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On The Male Profession’s Female Relative

I remember a YA book I read in high school called The President's Daughter. In that case, the president was her mother, her father was the First Gentleman, and the plot mostly revolved around her trying to fit in at a new high school as the daughter of the first female president. I remember loving it - there was also a sequel wherein the girl is kidnapped.

Does anyone else remember these? I feel like the only one...

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On We Have Finally Sailed Beyond the Solar System

I, for one, welcome our jellyfish overlords.

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On The Bro Pie

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On Mark Twain at 16: No Comment

Looks like a long lost Quaid brother, to me.

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On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg I made the mistake of using sarcasm with my then 8-year-old once and only once - I don't remember what I said but it went over like a lead balloon.

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