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On 10 Years, Actually: Sarah & Karl, Jamie & Aurélia

UGH. So perfect, both of these.

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On 10 Years, Actually

ANXIOUSLY WAITING FOR SARAH'S STORY. I'm still upset on how she ended...

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On Interview With an International Adoptee

@oh! valencia I try not to judge people when they say that, it's their opinion and feeling on a hypothetical situation, but I can't help it, I'm not that good of a person.

I mean, I just don't get it. If you're in a relationship, you choose to love someone and choose to have them in your life forever; why couldn't you do that with a child?

And don't talk to me about the immediate love of having a biological child—I was over the moon at first and then the morphine from my c-section wore off and I wasn't even sure I liked him for the first week or so...

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On Sleeping Over at Judy Blume's House


(I'm sure that is annoying for poor Ms. Johnson. But, PINK! RANGER!)

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On Excerpts from Vanilla Ice’s Wikipedia Page, Offered Without Comment

@Nukegrrrl I find "I recreated the photo in MS Paint," WAY more interesting than the fact that he had sex with Madonna.

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On The Five People You Meet at a Talk Called "The Making of a Madam"

@Verity I read that as "When your ex-convict boyfriend and his friends botch a train robbery,"
I have no idea why, but it made the rest of the sentence seem much more exciting.

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On Thora Birch's Nine Best 90s Movies

@Scandyhoovian NOOO! I didn't go any further than Wikipedia, but if it was heroin, that make it even worse...

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On Goodbye, Roger Ebert

@crosberg GOD, I'll miss him. Movie reviews aside, he was my favorite part of Twitter.

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On Thora Birch's Nine Best 90s Movies

@Scandyhoovian Yeah, sorry to bring a fun thread to a screeching halt by being a bummer.

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On Thora Birch's Nine Best 90s Movies

Just googled Now and Then and found out Chrissy died. Now I'm in a funk much bigger than is healthy.

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