On Life, Love, Lower Learning

@MandyMcAwesome - couldn't agree more!

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On Life, Love, Lower Learning

@Manatee - I have to agree with Uemmak here. I love my EA job working for the exec team of a big retailer (as well as for the owner and his family) and feel that there's scope for progression, as the role, and my employers, are flexible and sensible enough to realise that there's not necessarily a need to make me stick rigidly to traditional secretarial/admin duties, depending on what needs doing at the time, basically. FWIW, I have a BA from a well-regarded university and probably wouldn't have got this job without it (or more accurately, wouldn't have got the previous jobs that got me this job).

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On Depression, Mothers-in-Law, Friendzones

@Scandyhoovian My thoughts exactly. The cut and paste passage for me was this:

"I'm sure you have a deep bond, and that it's the kind that only comes around infrequently. This is all kinds of lovely when it happens, as always. But I will also tell you, not just as A Married Dude but A Re-Married Dude, that there is no The One Meant for Me. That's fairy tale stuff. What there can be is The One I Made It Work With."

THIS THIS THIS. I speak as a very happily married 30yr old who got married at 28 to a man I'd got together with at age 16 - we were together a little while back then, and then we both went off to university (separately), split up, did our thing, had other partners, moved around... just had some life. Then a few years ago we got back together (and I think we always knew that we would do, subconsciously) and moved in together and got married, and I am 100% sure that if we hadn't had that time apart, we wouldn't be together today. Good luck and all the best, whatever choice you make!

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On Leaving Westboro Baptist: An Interview

@Countess Your comment at 7.47pm = I FEEL SO MUCH YOU ON THIS ONE!

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On The Bestworst Guy

@dabbyfanny ref higher incidence of best/worst men in Scotland - YES. Seconded, thirded and fourthed.

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On The Bestworst Guy

@FulcanaDeTallcan Thank you - I am filing this next to "Sex is what you make it - nothing more, nothing less" in my Mental List of Things I Wish I'd Known at Age 18. Come to think of it, the above was advice given to me by a BestWorst Guy (Best: 20 yrs older than me, married, Scottish / Worst: 20 yrs older than me, married)

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On Okay, Who's Refusing to Take Michael Wolff's Reservations?

@sophia_h It's not British (I actually thought it was American?) but is IS kind of charming

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On Being [Something] in the United States

@Kristen This is very well put - not just in response to doesitneedsaying, but just as a general, undeniable point.

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On The Hoax Exposer

Taryn's work, this whole article and this comment thread are FASCINATING and I am eternally grateful for the Hairpin and it's legions of readers who think like me, and don't mind losing three days of their life googling fake knitting bloggers and the like. *beams*

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On [Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

For my money, there is no right answer to this. Sounds to me as though you're just going to have to go ahead and make the move, and be prepared for it to potentially go haywire if you end up getting back together with you ex (and believe me, even if you don't actually get back together, you will DEFINITELY sleep with him). I think if you don't move, you'll always wonder "what if?". Good luck!

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