On The Best For Me But Worst Overall Ghost Encounter This Year

@iknowright *All* my spooky knowledge comes from Supernatural, however wildly inaccurate re: historical sources it may be. I figure if actual educational programmes used Jensen, Jared and Misha to teach me stuff, I'd be on my third doctorate by now.

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On The Best For Me But Worst Overall Ghost Encounter This Year

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On A Yogurt Epiphany

@Filthyknitter I remember once seeing a Muller ad waaay back where the girl seductively [it's yoghurt, for heaven's sake; get a grip, ad agency] takes a tiny scoop of the fruit, then another of the yoghurt and delicately pops it in her mouth. Screw that - chuck it all together and down the hatch... Ahem.

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On A Yogurt Epiphany

@khaleesi THANK YOU! I just read through all the comments thinking one thing: "But... but... Muller Corner?! Am I the freak here?"

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On Britain Updates Its Sign Language

@Kate Kane I remember starting to learn and pretty much having that exact reaction. Nowadays I learn to politely ask if there's an alternate sign I can use (perfect excuse: "Is that a regional sign? I've never seen it - is there another sign for that word I could use?" Nine times out of ten, there'll be an alternative)

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On Britain Updates Its Sign Language

I use BSL on a daily basis and am always either amused or faintly horrified [or, on occasion and for my sins, both] at the origins of certain signs.

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On Ask a Woman in a Wheelchair

Totally late to the party, but the BBC did a documentary called My Perfect Wheelchair, by Andrew Slorance, earlier this year:


(Link is to article on BBC News site.) It's about a designer who was intent on re-imagining wheelchairs. If you're in the UK, you can still watch short clips of it on the Beeb's site. Otherwise, the full doc is bouncing around the less-than-legit areas of the net if you wanted to seek it out.

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