On Dress Your Family In Your Lover's Shoes

Oof ... that was horrifying but beautifully written.

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On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

One of my best friends in high school had her mother's last name -- the deal in their family was that the boys got their father's last name and the girls got their mother's last name (luckily for them they had one of each...). It was really great and is something I've considered doing for my future children as well.

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On Stone Cold Rose Wilder

@stonefruit Oh yeah, I get why they made the choices they made... I just want to read it now! It'd be fascinating if we could read the unedited manuscripts.

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On Stone Cold Rose Wilder

So first of all, I'd really like to read the Laura as bad-ass gutter child story.

Second of all, what a really fascinating look into the art of writing fiction and shaping a story. I'm not a writer at all, so this was really interesting. I love how Rose refers to Laura as a separate person than the one she's talking to now.

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On Yo, Is This Racist?

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On Texts From Pride and Prejudice

@Sophie's World Off topic but Sophie's World is my favorite book ever and no one has ever read it, let alone used it as their login name, so in short, I love you, and welcome!

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On An Imaginary Conversation With My Potential Child When I Tell Her About Hanukkah

Also... we do know how to spell Chanukah! It's spelled חנוכה! It's not our fault the English language lacks guttural letters!

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On Ask a Woman in a Wheelchair

My grandmother was disabled in NYC and she did ok! I think she got "lucky" in that she already had a job working for the government when she lost the use of her legs, so she got top of the line benefits/care for the times (1967). She was also already married and had two semi-grown kids, so she had more assistance than a single girl in the city, but she used to say that NYC was nice to be disabled in since things were so walkable (or wheelable i guess) and you could get everything delivered. That said, she used to have to carry around a special bus key that would enable the bus driver to lower the ramp, because otherwise they'd claim not to have it.

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