On Which Venomous Spider Are You?

Please, please, please tell me people don't really say "eggs Benny." I don't want to live in a world where that's true...

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On Would You Take the Ring?

Take it, sell it, give not a single fuck.

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On Kids: Worth It? and Game Day Etiquette

@sympathyforthebasementcat I think it's a safe bet that any man who wants kids probably doesn't want to be the mother... apart form A Married Dude who apparently gave birth to one of his, that's definitely not normal.

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On Kids: Worth It? and Game Day Etiquette

Which twin did you give birth to, Married Dude? The younger or the older?

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On Grading Gadgety Gift Guides for Guys

Please tell me that your archetypal man-speaking-for-mankind didn't just use the word 'naughty' to describe smoking...

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On The Magic Trick

This was a really insightful piece, and there's a lot of meaning here as to the nature of romance as simultaneously transient and eternal.

That being said, I can't shake the feeling that if I spent any amount of time with you I would want to push you down a flight of stairs. Something about the way you described your ex, I think, and the amount of emphasis you placed on your lovers' willingness to accommodate.

Still, your writing is good and my opinion of you is irrelevant. May you have many equally pleasant encounters of precisely the correct length ;)

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On Sexual Harassment Gray Zones

I won't attempt to be eloquent, but I will say her thoughts are quite spot on. I've never been convinced that 'offended' is a real emotion people feel, and if it were would it really be relevant? Does it really have a more negative impact on your life than would any other kind of undesirable comment?

People constantly rail about the need for honesty, but they don't want the kind of honesty where you tell them things they don't want to hear. They want the kind that is 'sex-positive' and 'uplifting' and 'vulnerable.' That's not honesty. That's platitude.

At the end of the day, if you aren't capable of handling yourself in the presence of an off-color comment, you should not be working in a business environment. You are clearly not capable of it, clearly not a strong enough person to shake off what the business world can and will throw at you in a day, and you should seek a less strenuous, less social environment.

I initially typed 'In a perfect world we'd all keep that to ourselves' but as I wrote it I had to ask myself if that was even true. Is it really better to keep that sort of thing quiet, to think constantly of what effect our words will have on the inimitable 'others' we hear so much about? At what point do we draw that line? Where does that line that says 'here is where I can begin saying things I think' fall, and by what standard does it do so?

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

Equality is not in treating different things similarly, but in treating different things differently.

I think feminism, as a movement, has a great deal to work through philosophically. Much of the dogma is still very much from a masculine viewpoint, and that which is not often borders on the irrational. In the end, equality is as it has always been an internal struggle which cannot and will not be achieved by protests, political wrangling, or even converting the dubious. It is about coming to terms with ourselves and those around us and allowing ourselves to be free of old bindings.

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On Oh No She Di-in't!

Shock humor tends to be the lowest form of comedy, but there are those who manage to pull it off. Sarah Silverman is probably the best of those, male female or otherwise. A few British comedians do it well, too. Mostly, though, it's just tacky and forced.

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On Judging a Beauty Pageant: Dream Job?

I think judging a child beauty pageant would be a job on par with professionally receiving colonoscopies from med students. That is to say, weird and uncomfortable at best, and blatantly agonizing at worst.

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