On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

@MissMushkila It's a mixed bag in my experience. I had one female doctor completely dismiss what, in retrospect, were clear signs that I had fibroids. The next year I went to a different (also female) doctor, who alerted me to a problem even without me talking about any of the weird symptoms I'd been experiencing (because I had, since the previous doctor, also dismissed my symptoms). Who knows, if the first doctor had listened to me I might have managed to get treatment earlier, possibly avoiding the expense and inconvenience of surgery.

ETA: I'm still really pissed off at that first doctor.

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On The Best Time I Learned My Last Name Means Blow Job

@myeviltwin I knew a Patrick Butt, who went by Pat.

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On Olives - It's What's For Dinner

Old people also really like olives. And I love olives, and I am neither a kid nor an old. My preferred olive oil comes from California (California Olive Ranch) and it's delicious. I have no idea where the actual olives I eat with my mouth come from.

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On Britneys of the Plain: Cormac McCarthy Describes the Video for "Work Bitch"

I loved this. (Also, I love Britney. Sorry I'm not sorry.)

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On A Brief History of Getting Yelled At

This is spot on for me. Except I have to keep it in check even if I am alone, because if not my poor dog skulks away like it's her fault I'm mad (it is never her fault, she is perfect and precious) and then I feel like an asshole.

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On "The sexual narratives we absorb in youth are formidable, formative": What's Your All-Time Most Erotic Book?

@LiterarySara FOT = Friday Open Thread. So next week, 10/11, look for that post (often a round-up of the week's posts) and in the comments below, we'll be talkin' 'bout Many Waters. :)

Also, @j-i-a: I want to express how happy I am that the email alerts for replies on comments are back!

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On The Middle Part Is Having Its Moment, Again, Somehow

@iceberg Yes, this. I have a cowlick at the back, top, side of my head (if that makes any sense? On top of my head, but at the back, away from my face. On my crown? Is that it? And to one side, not in the middle...). When I was about 18 I figured out that parting my hair a bit to that side, instead of in the middle, made my hair (and by extension, me) much happier.

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On "The sexual narratives we absorb in youth are formidable, formative": What's Your All-Time Most Erotic Book?

@LiterarySara In. FOT, 10/11?

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On The Best Time My Girlfriend’s Baby Tooth Fell Out

@ponymalta I saved some of my dog's baby teeth! I found them on the floor all around the house as she was losing them.

I also requested that my surgeon give me my wisdom teeth when I had them taken out. He and his staff were a little weirded out by the request, but they obliged. Teeth are powerful stuff - you don't want to leave them lying around just anywhere!

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On What a "High School Prank" Means in 2013

"A curvaceous sophomore"
"15, pretty, slim and blond"
Yes, these are the most important details in this story. Tell me more.

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