On Friday Open Thread

@laurel A friend just saw Blondie and said it was fantastic. Maybe her voice isn't a great as before but the stage presence and energy were 100%

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On "This Is NPR. This... Is NPR. This Is N. P. R."

Obviously I am completely unqualified, but this does sound like my ideal job. Do you think they would take a Brit?

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On Friday Open Thread

@par_parenthese I lived in Melbourne for four years 'til last year. What would you like to know/ what are you into?

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On The Mystery Injury Pie

My friends and I call these "UDIs" - unidentified drinking injuries

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lost penguin Top choices right now are; She keeps bees, Clem Snide, Brown Bird and Tallest man on earth but really there is nothing on the cds which I feel the need to forward through. Great selection!

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On Friday Open Thread

I would like to enthuse wildly about my mix cd (thank you [sic]). I also suspect she will hate my offering however I'm considering re doing it to better suit her possible taste! Or perhaps I should stop getting all competitive over this and just sit back and enjoy the awesome tunes, while racking up an enormous Amazon wish list of new artists?

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On A Month Alone In: India

@PaperbackLady As a single lady in the UK it is perfectly safe.My only comment would be that people don't necessarily spontaneously talk to you (national reserve and all that), but will be delighted to chat if you start first. If you are from the US, it is totally fine for you to talk to people (more national stereotypes!)

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On Ask an Archivist

Much as I have enjoyed these posts, I feel I have to leap to the defence of "Cherry Garcia". In disputing the status of this delicacy as far and away the best B+J ice cream I feel you compromise your position as the fount of knowledge of all things archival.
P.S. the grace and favour apartments at Kensington Palace are amazing.

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On The Week of January 28 - February 1

I think that is cellulose staining blue (not cellulite) so vegetable rather than animal.

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On Things Bloomberg Might Have Said of a Woman at a Party

@Iceberg that's only really funny if you understand Aussie speak

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