On The Proper Way to Celebrate Someone Else's Holiday

My dad makes fab turkey, and his trick is spatchcocking (???!!!) it. Cut out the backbone of the bird so the whole thing butterflies in a big dish and bake it like that. Everything cooks evenly, so the white meat stays moist. No Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving pics, but we prefer tasty turkey.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Will

@iceberg Me too. Four months in and I just was sick of fighting him off. This has led to some very complicated "was it rape?" feels-- I said ok, but he shouldn't have been asking in the first place. He knew where I stood on the p-in-v issue. Sorry to threadjack, I've just never encountered anyone else with this same experience.

For the record, I'm pretty screwed up about sex but I think it relates more to self-esteem issues, many perpetuated by guy referenced above.

I hate that something that happened almost 6 years ago still affects me so strongly.

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On Have You Voted Yet, Are You About to Vote, When Are You Voting

@Science vs. Dinosaurs I sent in my absentee ballot in as soon as I got it (September) and it was highly anti-climactic. Didn't stop me from wearing my Louisianans for Obama shirt today and acting all proud for voting.

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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

@Ophelia I still love my die-hard-tea-party parents. It's reallllllly tough sometimes, and we do not watch the news together or speak of politics.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@Lily Rowan Me too. My first pumpkin got moldy. Sunday afternoon good?

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On Friday Open Thread

@mangosara I don't really have that problem so I can't vouch for it, but I'm pretty sure they have a "deep pore" brush head so the clairisonic would probably help.


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On Friday Open Thread

@mangosara I've had fantastic luck with Dior nail polish in terms of not streaking. The nail polishes are super pigmented, I guess? They go on so smooth and have a wider brush which actually leads to less mess for me. And my manicures last a lot longer than with Essie or OPI polishes. Totally worth the $24. Can you tell I spend all my money at Sephora??

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On Friday Open Thread

@mangosara I bought mine on an irresponsible spending whim and I LOVE IT. My face gets sooooo clean and smooth and I think my lotion sinks in better. I did find the brush head it came with a little rough, so I got the one for more sensitive skin. But yeah, if you can swing it money-wise, definitely get one.

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheclaAndTheSeals I once got an underwire sports bra from Gap Body. My tits have never been so secure. Not sure if they still sell that particular one, though.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Megano! Have you had good luck with Julep polish? I bought one and it was suuuuper thick. But I love their colors!

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