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On Writer's Block Soup

@Natalie Eve Came out great! I ended up also swapping the swiss chard for kale, mostly because that's what I had in the house. I also fudged the measurements since I only have a 5 qt. pot :/ but I'm now eating it for lunch and enjoying every second of it.

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On Writer's Block Soup

This post was perfect timing!! I love a good vegetable soup and am actually smack in the middle of a creative rut. I'm making this as I comment :) though I did half-and-half lentils with farro. We'll see.

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I cannot get over how beautiful those pictures are. Congratulations, Jane!

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On Ask a Clean Person: Here We Go Again With the Roaches

@SuperGogo I literally gasped reading this story. I have got to stop reading Hairpin comments at work.

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On Look, We're Gonna Talk About the Gatsby Trailer Now

I really wish I hadn't noticed the misspelling of "Ziegfeld Follies" in the background at 0:14. I can't unsee it and it is DRIVING ME INSANE.

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On Living With Your Wanderlust

@kangerine @Anais I studied in France for a year a couple of years ago, and felt all the things you are feeling! I spent a lot of time angsting to myself (because I didn't want to burden anyone from home with cries about, of all things, living in France), but the one thing I found that helped me the MOST was just quite literally getting out of my room. When I first got there I was so shell-shocked and anxious that I barely ate for a couple of days, but when I was able to be distracted by new buildings and routes, I sort of ... forgot about my anxiety? And got an appetite? So that became my thing to do whenever I felt myself wincing up into a ball of homesick (which was, uh, frequently): just go outside. It can be that simple and, as studying abroad you are largely your own boss, is that free of obligation and complication. If that makes sense.

What also helped was having a standing weekly date to stream Gossip Girl (I know. I know.) with a friend who lived downstairs. Something as ridiculous and frivolous as that can make you feel slightly less disconnected from your life in the States.

I will also say that regarding the cachet of traveling all over the place vs. seeing the place that's become your new home ... I obviously don't know if this is your experience, but I funded nearly my entire year myself, which was inconvenient at times but ultimately made me grow up super fast about money. It was tough seeing other Americans plan out wildly elaborate trips, since I didn't have a lot of cash to travel far away from France, but in all honesty -- getting to know the city I lived in (Rennes) and France as a whole (by dating a French boy, making random French friends at bars and in class) has made up for that angst. The nice thing to know is that just because your year/semester/session/trip is up, doesn't mean you won't go back. So just try your best to take a big deep breath, and a walk, and maybe find a place to call your own in your new place. It really does help.

And this is just one of those things that I need to say, and is filed under the Growing Pains category, but I miss France so much more now than I appreciated it then, I think. that's kind of how it goes, though. hindsight being rose-tinted and even if you feel inert and paralyzed by anxiety now, you'll likely miss all the things about your 2nd home.
And you will have grown up SO. MUCH. by the time you've come back.
bon courage a tous!

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On Tips for Moving to Atlanta, U.S.A.

There are lots of really wonderful and awesome things about Atlanta specifically that you should really consider focusing on. IDK maybe it's just too early and I'm grouchy, but a lot of these just seem like normal frustrations with moving anywhere (particularly if you haven't done enough research on a place beforehand; I made that mistake with a summer alone? in New Haven). snark aside, it does suck moving to a new city and feeling like a fish out of water.

... anyway, I almost never comment, but I'm excited about the ATL meetup and to make new friends :)

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On Lap Dances Are Awful

@stalkingcat I was thinking about the 6 foot rule while reading this, too! Makes sense that MV would be the place to break the rule if, in fact, the rule still exists.

Also, I had totally forgotten about the fake-gay thing, THANK YOU for bringing that up!! Oh, Tampa. My mom once got me a Starbucks mug with the Tampa skyline that had the caption "Tampa: America's NEXT Greatest City." Lord. Sort of makes me love and hate it at the same time.

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On Happy Hour: The Backyard BBQ Michelada

I'm really impressed by your younger-you dream kitchen. Pretty sure my dream kitchen as a young involved pizza rolls as far as the eye could see. and cake. (my parents didn't let me or me sister eat junk food when we were small.)
anyway, suffice to say that my current kitchen is very similar to yours. though potatoes haven't really gone "bad" until they have little stubs (or more!) coming out of them.

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