On Friday Open Thread

@stonefruit Selfishly getting in on this thread because I want to hear about everyone else who possibly had Soapwalla problems. I wanted so badly for us to be in it for the long haul, but my second tub started giving me angry armpit hives and none of the tips that the shop owner suggested helped (but she is super nice and answers Etsy messages very promptly!). Back to the natural deodorant drawing board!

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On If Justin Bieber Were to Have Sex in Space

The real question here is how many other people were traumatized at a young age by the sight of Arnold's creepy frozen head.

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On Friday Open Thread

@somuchsugar Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein! Technically YA but fairly adult about two female best friends in WW2, which is really all I can say without spoiling you and you really don't want to be spoiled.

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On Friday Open Thread

@drydenlane I used the same post Quinn A just linked to but reblogged from a different person, but it looks like all the same people are on there. Otherwise just follow those people and then see who they reblog, and you can probably trace it back to a Pinner. It's like an echo chamber of sparkly things! (I am not on that list, but I'm officialwhich on tumblr)

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On Friday Open Thread

I recently started following a bunch of new Pinners on Tumblr, and you all have improved my dash immensely. Thanks for being awesome at Tumblr everyone.

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On Friday Open Thread

@StandardTuber I gave myself a day off from job-hunting! Best gift. I also baked a cake for the boyfriend but since he goes to work and I am home all day I will probably eat at least half of it.

Blogwise I am aggressively fannish on Tumblr at officialwhich.tumblr.com and this is kind of a weird last few posts for me to be linking to that, but oh well.

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On Friday Open Thread

I started watching the terrible, terrible BBC Robin Hood and I regret it so much because now I can't stop. It looks like it's shot at a ren faire. The dialogue is terrible. And yet, Richard Armitage, and my perverse determination to at least commit to a full season before giving up completely.

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On What a Difference 34 Years Makes

@Blushingflwr Might have scrolled through the comments just to find the inevitable Cumberbatch thread and post the mandatory gif.

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On Friday Open Thread

@purefog I can't decide whether it's funnier to interpret that as "lube that has some kind of sausage flavoring in it" or "sausage that one has applied lubricant to."

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On Friday Open Thread

@lisma There's definitely a "Growing strong" joke to be made about the Tyrells here somewhere.

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