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On The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

@lyzl@twitter is The Killing worth watching through the second and third seasons? I liked most of the first season, but was kind of burnt out by the end of it.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Get Over the Fear That This One Physical Feature Makes Me Look Grotesque?

@MadameOvary I think I have this. I remember my brother making fun of me for having a lump at the back of my neck (he can be such an asshole). I was in my early teens, I think, and I thought it was due to bad posture, so I worked on developing super-posture to get rid of it. Nobody has ever commented on it except my (asshole) brother. I don't know if my posture did anything towards reducing it, but when I'm standing up straight I think it's less noticeable.

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On The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

I read a lot and over many different genres, including "adult" literary fiction. I haven't read a book in the last few years that has affected me as much as Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park. I am not nearly as good a writer as Rowell, so the best I can do is to say that the writing is hauntingly beautiful, as elegant and effortless as Michael Chabon's writing in The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier & Clay.
Graham has this to say of E&P: "When chapter after chapter in Eleanor & Park ends with some version of 'He’d never get enough of her,' the reader seems to be expected to swoon. But how can a grown-up, even one happy to be reminded of the shivers of first love, not also roll her eyes?"
I don't think the reader is expected to swoon, I think s/he's supposed to understand that Park is deep in first love. If that's Graham's takeaway from E&P, I think she missed the point.

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On The Stylish Housewife Pie

@quad-lyfe Same. I'm not religious at all (the Mormon SAHM blogs I read don't focus on religion, but still, it's a different lifestyle from mine), but I spend way too much time reading merricksart.com, everyday-reading.com, and www.deliacreates.com. They're just so shiny and put together and it seems like they have such awesome lives!

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On Missing: Pixie the Pink-Tailed Party Pony

I know this is insanely late, but I couldn't let it go, and I found this: http://netposse.com/view_report.asp?reportid=1487
Pixie the Pink Tailed Party Pony was found, and she and her guardian were reunited!

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On Logan Echolls Syndrome, Cohabitation Power Politics, and The Girlfriend Label

"If at all possible, have this talk at her place (as the more-injured party, she should have the right to kick your ass out when she decides the conversation is over)."

Do people agree with this? I'd rather be broken up with at a place I have the ability to leave. I also tend to associate places with the emotions I felt there, and I'd rather not have break-up energy at my place.

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On Talking to Anne Helen Petersen About Leaving Academia for BuzzFeed

@claire2222 It sounds like this will result in more AHP pieces to read, so I think it's a terrific decision.

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On Ask a Psychic

I want to believe it's possible to speak with animals. I've heard similar stories (2nd and 3rd hand), one was about a woman who asked ants to leave her home - and they listened! I so want it to be real because I'm dying to speak with my dog.

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On The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

I <3 revenge movies! Maybe Being Julia could have made the list, too -- Annette Bening's revenge in that movie is so satisfying.

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On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: Suri's Burn Book and the Celebrity Offspring Economy

@Internet Commenter that's my problem with Suri's Burn Book. Even if you don't mean the terrible things you're saying about celebrity kids, you're still saying those terrible things, and you're saying them about kids.

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