On DJ Earworm's "United States of Pop" Mix Is Here

@Blushingflwr "Images of Young Womanhood: The Princess and the Prole"?

(Yeah, yeah, a Kiwi lass who's been signed since she was 12 isn't exactly a prole. But I liked the alliteration!)

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On I Thought I Was Dreaming When I Heard This Mashup Of The Little Mermaid & Ke$ha. Then I Realized: Dreams Do Come True.

@NormaDesmond Where is your library?? My inner five-year-old and my current self both want to know!

ETA: Unless you mean the library in your house, which I just realised you probably did. Will not stalk! sry.

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On The Rob Ford Pie

@Slutface There are two 25%s!

(I'm totally in one of them.)

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On Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@Poubelle Oh, no doubt it's a distorted representation (based on ... how the list refers to the books I had read). I just thought that was a particularly grim thing to emphasise, especially if the list's author liked the book.

(I don't remember writing anything unkind about peers at that age? But I was mostly busy writing about which homework I was procrastinating?)

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On The "Box Girls" at the Standard Hotel

@Megasus That installation would be so much better with pets allowed.

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On Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

Harriet is beloved the world over not just for her curiosity but for her unabashed displays of hostility towards other girls in her notebook.

Suddenly not feeling like I missed out by never reading that book.

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On Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

@rosaline Ugh, yes. Teamwork in a story is good! Heroism is better shared! etc.

And Nancy Drew ranked low because her boyfriend was never a focus of her story in whatever groundbreaking ways he should have been? Because screw undaunted pursuit of truth, where's the love drama??

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On Abstinent Nation

Not to imply that humans are mice, but this reminds me of Universe 25 a little.

Especially: Mice found themselves born into a world that was more crowded every day, and there were far more mice than meaningful social roles. With more and more peers to defend against, males found it difficult and stressful to defend their territory, so they abandoned the activity. Normal social discourse within the mouse community broke down, and with it the ability of mice to form social bonds.

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On Abstinent Nation

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll And of course, it's putting both feet wrong to suggest that maybe we should be looking at ways to change the economy so that it works for the humans in it.

... I'll just go back to crying into my chili now.

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On "A sense of entitlement in women was associated with stronger endorsement of benevolent sexism"

@yeah-elle It's so hard to really judge a study without seeing its questionnaires, yo.

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